Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This past fall, dusty green/gold foils were in! Every color reminded me of snakeskin, so when I finally got my hands on one named "Snakeskin", I knew I had to compare them all. 

So here are 4 of the ones I collected!

2 coats: Zoya "Edyta", Diamond Cosmetics "Never so evergreen", Funky Fingers "Snakeskin", S-he "466"

No "real" issues with either formula. Zoya and Diamond Cosmetics were flawless, and the other 2 were thin on the first coat, but the 2nd coat covered perfectly. :)

The Zoya and The DC are really similar, but the Zoya had a bit more shimmer and foil effect.

I am in love with the FF "Snakeskin", so silvery and greenish, so cool looking :) The S-he is very neat too, because it has great "hidden shimmer", It is a milky olive creme with hidden "goldish shimmer", in the sun it's awesome!

Ugggh, this color is so pretty! I love how this color was so popular last fall/winter, but instead of giving us 4 fabulous dupes, we got 4 totally different versions of the same idea...awesome!

I know color club has a similar color and so did Nubar :)

Do you have any of these beauties? Or do you have one of the others that are along the same lines?
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JQ said...

Which one is on your ring finger? Is it the Funky Fingers? It's pretty snazzy! I wonder how it would stamp. Hmm.

Unknown said...

@JQ-Yep, the funky fingers is on my ring finger, and remember that color club and funky fingers are the same company, so the color club version is a dupe of it! :) I think it would stamp awesome over another draker color :)

Biba said...

I already own DC and S-he, but I see I need Zoya too :D

Rory said...

Haha, I never would have thought "snakeskin" on my own, but I totally see it and love that FF went ahead and named their color that. I would buy it just for the name!

Unknown said...

What a pretty ombre mani! I have them all but the Sh-e :)

MissMidnightBlue said...

you know I picked the FF one up many times and I put it down every time, and well I know now I'm dumb. lol I can't find it now. :( oh well.

JQ said...

Oh Thank you! That's awesome! I will have to go pick this one up pronto! Cheers!