Thursday, June 16, 2011

MAC: Bad Fairy

Yep, earlier this year I got my hands on this gem thru a swap with a reader and I was so excited about getting it, that I put it up on a shelf.....and forgot all about it...LOL!!! I became lost among all my many "untrieds" :) But I unburied it and here it is :)

"Bad Fairy"
3 coats

I really wanted to make sure this manicure lasted, since foils can be flaky. I used my usual base coat of OPI "Nail Envy", then I added Orly "Bonder", 3 coats of color, and then OPI "Top Coat" and Seche "Vite" on top!

I really loved this on my hands, it was so shiny and super pretty, and the colors kept changing from fuchsia, orange, was awesome!

But I'll tell ya what WASN'T awesome...the brush...the brush SUCKS!  I honestly feel that MAC needs to step up their "brush game" if they want to continue to compete with the "big boys" and charge $14 a bottle...I mean seriously!!!!

Uggggh, gorgeous! I hated taking this one off, but it lasted 3 days with no chips and probably would have gone a full 5 days "unscathed". :)

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nicelyvarnished said...

I totally regret passing this color up ;( It's so pretty. I love duo-chromes

mrsrexy said...

It looks fab on you! Its one of my untrieds too....I don't know why I haven't used it yet...especially given that it was pretty hard to find in my area!

Unknown said...

So pretty!!! Too bad I wasn't as into nail polish and blogging when this color came out!

... said...

i'm glad to see someone else that loves this color as much as i do! :) looks great on you.

Rory said...

You know, I've never owned a MAC polish. I don't have anything against them, they just sell out too fast (or I don't like the colors) for me to get a hold of them. This guy is really pretty, but I'm going to have to console myself with that look-a-like polish from the OPI Burlesque collection. :(

carissakuo said...

lovvee the color!

-Diana- said...

Oh this one is soooo gorgeous <3