Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Color Club: Wild and Willing

This is another gem that has been in my un-trieds for over a year now, and it is really nice!

It really surprised me :)..and everybody likes surprises!

Color Club
"Wild and Willing"
3 coats

"Wild and Willing" is a bronze foil nail color, with flashes of pink and gold and maybe even bright copper.  This was shot in low light, and it truly captures how surprising and stunning this color is!

This was shot in in-direct sunlight, look at that golden shimmer SHINE!!!

This was in direct sunlight...it is such a bronze beauty.  I applied 3 coats because the formula is thin, but it builds nicely and with every layer I added, I got more lovely flashes of color.  Flashes of pinks, golds, coppers....just gorgeous!

This applied very smooth, no pooling issues or drying issues...really, no issues at all! :)

This was shot indoors with a flash, so you can see how the "pink flash" stills shines indoors

Can you tell how surprised I was by this color?..LOL.  I kept taking pics in different places, thinking at least one would disappoint me...BUT Nope, it gorgeous wherever it goes..LOL!!!

I've seen this polish on other bloggers hands, and it ALWAYS looks different, more pink or more brown, and  it ALWAYS looks gorgeous!

I'm pretty sure you can still find this beauty at your local nail supply and maybe even online.  If you find it grab it, you won't be disappointed. :)
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Carly @ Lacquered Lover said...

I just bought this last weekend and it's so much darker! Mine is more of a bronze! So pretty!

Biba said...

This one was a big surprise for me too! It's gorgeous! And it looks very good on you :)

@a_plena (AKA Julia) said...

have you tried over a black polish? It looks just like Space Cadet (Orly)
A did a lot of comparisons in my post

Unknown said...

@Carly- Really? It saddens me that their are color differences among the same polish :( But this color is so gorgeous, it then makes me happy again LOL :)

@Biba-Thank You

@a_plena- Ive never tried it over black, I'm going to write that down, Thanks!

Megan Harmeyer said...

GORGEOUS! This reminds me of a pastel-ish version of OPI The Show Must Go On.

BMR said...

Awesome polish. I'm not a bronze fan, but that looks so great. Especially on you.

Unknown said...

My favorite polish!
I love it!

Heli'♥beauties said...

love the nails
check out my blog

cocofiere said...

Love this color! I just found it a couple of weeks ago at a nail salon. I went there dusty hunting (I typically do my own nails)and noticed they had a couple of Color Club colors. As soon as I saw this I was all over it! Thanks for the swatch since it's still in my untried box.

Unknown said...

Thank You everybody, and you are very welcome for the swatch :)

Polish and Charms said...

That looks amazing! It's on my wish list!

Nailderella said...

amazing nail polish! duochromes are nearly always winners!

polishloving said...

This is beautiful. It looks like one of the old Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Golden Cinnabar, but more bright :) I'll need to try this one. I like wearing Golden Cinnabar but it is a little duller and less shimmery than this Color Club so this would be perfect updated version :) thanks for the pics!