Thursday, July 21, 2011

RGB: Nail Foundation, HIPPxRGB

I know some of you expressed issue with a recent "nude collection" released by a popular nail company.  The issue was, that most of the "nudes" were not really "nude" :).

I think this latest release from RGB, may be exactly what you are looking for :)


"HIPPxRGB created the first skin tone specific, full coverage, all nude nail color collection. Similar to the concept of foundation for the face, Nail Foundation is the first nail color of its kind designed to match and compliment for a flawless even finish. Available in four shades - F1, F2, F3, & F4 -, Nail Foundation can be applied with two coats or worn under a favorite neutral for a custom blend with added coverage"

Awesome, isn't it?
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L said...

I saw this in InStyle magazine. Isnt that cool?

OnceBitten said...

I love this idea and can't wait to see swatches!

thalie said...

I love the idea,and also heard that Maybelline was going to do a nail foundation line. I read it on someone's blog,not sure which one.

Pretty said...

cool! i want to see them swatched. they have my mannequin hands, and my nails but better hands. i wonder how the light brown will look.