Friday, July 29, 2011

Zoya and China Glaze get CRACKIN!!!

Here is a manicure I did last weekend.  I was going shopping at South Coast Plaza in Orange County, CA, and I didn't have much time so I applied Zoya "Phoebe", and applied top coat. 

Since Phoebe is matte it dried fast and was perfect for my shopping trip, but when I got home I knew this color needed a "kick", so I applied China Glaze "Cracked Medallion". PERFECT!!!

This combo was hot! I loved it, I felt like Cleopatra draped in precious metals and turquoise..LOL!

I wasn't the only one attracted to this manicure, all day while shopping I kept running into "reality stars"..LOL.

While getting on the elevator at Macy's, my mother and I were standing behind Giuliana Rancic and her hubby, Bill.  They were shooting a "shopping scene" for their reality show, and my mother and I were smack dab in the middle of the shot..LOL, we had to sign a waiver, so maybe you'll spot me on TV..there goes my 15 seconds of fame..LOL!

I really like how Cracked Medallion "cracked", it's awesome!  It is a great bronze color, that is great for the summer, and make you looks really tan and "summer ready".  It applied smoothly over the "top coated color", and dried/cracked perfectly! Love this!!!!!

Also, while shopping at Michael Kors, I spotted former Orange County Housewife, Jeana Keough, shopping for shoes!  Wow another reality star, in 2 hours,...this is too much!!  And if that wasn't enough 2 days before, another former OC housewife, Jo De La Rosa, popped up in my Bikram Yoga Class..LOL..seriously!?! I guess that's "LA" :)

This combo is hot, if you have any similar colors, do it!!!

If you do this manicure, you may run into s a reality star of your own.

On second thought, maybe you should skip it for that reason alone...LOL!

Happy Friday! Keep it Sweet!

*China Glaze polish provided for review.
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rock-or-not said...

Awesome combo!!
I love it!!!!!!

Liz'sPinkNails said...

i just got that Zoya and i love her so much!!

Minty said...

THAT IS AMAZING. Not just the manicure but the Giuliana Rancic part too! You're so lucky. I would have loved to see them in action, lol. Was it a legit show? Or did they have to do a million retakes, lol.

Liz said...

Love this combo! I definitely need to get Cracked Medallion soon!

Jenna said...

I wouldn't think of pairing these two but it looks great!

Crystal said...

celebs are like dolphins it's way cooler to see them in real life in the wild lol :)

great mani! did these shades stain??? (after an orly glam rock staining tragedy i am a little afraid of mattes)

Spaceinvaders said...

I love the blue and bronze combination!

Kelsey said...

Haha I don't understand! I go to that mall seriously like all the time like at least once a week! and i've never seen ANY celebs!! except selena gomez :P

Robin said...

Great color combo!! The South Coast Plaza is my favorite place to shop.

Anonymous said...

I love this!Beautiful!

Jackie S. said...

@Crystal- Yep, it stained , but not too badly :)

@Minty- No, it was legit, they were shopping in the HOME section, looking at sheets etc. :) But we may still end up on the cutting room floor, LOL :)

@Kelsey- Oh, Selena Gomez, my niece would have loved to see her!

Thanks everybody, this combo was a lot of fun!

Sishoba said...

I love this combination! Awesumcakes!

Sarah said...

I love this color combination. I don't have Phoebe, but I'll have to find something in a similar color to do my own version of this. Gorgeous!