Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Barielle Summer 2011 Karma Kollection: Swatches and Review

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I have 3 colors from Barielle's Summer 2011 Karma Kollection.

Barielle "Buddha-ful", Positive "ZEN-ergy", and "Do Unto Others"

First Up...

Beige with soft baby pink, blue and light gray foil
3 coats, no top coat

Do I see flakies?...OH yeah...uh-oh...woohoo!!!!

 Check out that those lovely flakes...gorgeous!

 Oh yeah, this one really surprised me, it's milky baby pink, and it has flakies! Barielle was definitely thinking outside the box, and I am very happy they did! I love it!!!!

"Positive ZEN-ergy"
Warm mossy green with silver shimmer
2 coats, no topcoat

 This is a yellow based moss/avocado green with silver shimmer. The shimmer is very fine, but there is enough shimmer that it gives the nail a "textured look", even thought is dries perfectly smooth. 1 coat of top coat will make this baby shine right up! The formula was a bit thick, but very easy to apply.

"Do Unto Others"
 blue/green jelly cream
 2 coats, no top coat

 Lordie- I love this color! Look at it, Bright aqua green cream, and the "jelly" reference is more for the consistency than the finish.  This is definitely a cream based color, but the consistency applied smooth like "gel", it's awesome! This is definitely my next pedicure color!

As always, the new Shades by Barielle are considered “pregnancy-safe.” Barielle stands apart as the absolute first to practice a progressive “three-free” philosophy on formulation:  none of Barielle’s products contain formaldehyde, toluene, or dibutyl phthalate (DBP) - chemicals that are suspected to be harmful and found in many beauty products. Instead Barielle uses safe, effective and natural alternatives, such as keratin, proteins, vitamins, as well as oil and plant extracts.
Shades by Barielle provide a high-shine glossy coat and forms a protective barrier for a long-lasting finish. The Shades ($8.00 each) are currently buy one get one 50% off at and at the Barielle Facebook store at

Stay connected to Barielle at the brand’s Facebook page ( and Twitter ( for great hand, nail and foot care tips, as well as special giveaways and more! 

*Polishes provided by Barielle PR for review.
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Biba said...

Oh, Buddha-ful is beautiful!

keerthi said...

Positive Zenergy is a really interesting color! I like it!

Lynn said...

Wow! I think I need all of them.. but Buddah-ful is simply gorgeous! Great swatches :)

Tee Dee said...

Budda-ful looks lovely! Got to love those flakies :-)

Lea said...
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Gottwinkies said...

WOW...flakies in a colored polish?! SO gorgeous! and I want to dive right into that swimming pool/paradise ("do unto others") I love those two the best, I think!

Jenna said...

they all look great :)