Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nail Polish Jewelry by Cara

Hello my lovely Sugar babies..LOL! Today I have some nail! 

I was contacted by the lovely and talented Cara who has an Etsy Shop called Workshop 760, and she sells necklaces with pendants colored and made from some of our favorite nail polishes!

"nearly 20 years of jewelry making experience! These nail polish gems have been individually created out of the highest quality nail polishes that are considered to be favorite colors of polish lovers. Each one is polished by hand to high shine and captures the beauty of the nail polish permanently. This is nail polish encased inside a polished resin gem, not just painted on the back of glass or acrylic, they are permanent and water resistant. Each pendant comes with a hand made beaded black necklace also created by me, not purchased in bulk from Asia."

I specifically requested she send me colors I had in my stash so we could see how the polish translates from the nail to the pendant. :)

Orly "Space Cadet"

This pendant is set on a string of duo-chrome beads that match the dark "spacey" tones of "Space Cadet".  Every necklace comes is super cute packaging, and the best part is no matter how large the pendant may seem, it's not fact it's really light and easy to wear.:)...and look at that shimmer!!!

Here is the pendant with my manicure of "Space Cadet", 3 coats

Although the pendant and the polish (on the nail) do not translate the same, I love how the pendant down plays the deeper green tones in the polish and brings out more of the pink and orange flashes...AWESOME!

In fact this one reminds me of MAC "Bad Fairy"....what-a-beauty!!!

Next up LAgirl Rockstar "Punk"

This pendant is set on a string of black matte beads that really allow the shiny quality of "PUNK" to shine!!!
How do you think this one will compare to the same color on the nail? it is with my "Punk manicure", 2 coats :)

LOVE IT!!!! Perfect match!!!  "Punk" has great purple duo-chrome action that is best seen in low-light, so here it is...

I tried to hold the pendant and my nail BOTH at the same angle, while taking a picture....but I got a hand cramp..LOL, but if you look at my nail tip in the above pic, you'll see the purple flash in the nail tip as well..LOL!

I am in love with this jewelry, and the best part is she can do several different shapes and sizes, and each one hand made and unique! Also, if you have an idea for a piece you do not see, you can email thru the site and request a custom piece. :)

This is a great gift for any polish lover, or anyone who loves pretty and unique items. It is a great way to enjoy your favorite color..ALL THE TIME!!!!

Cara is a fellow "nail head", so you know, she has a "love for color" as much as we do:

"I am constantly inspired by different mediums, and over the past few years nail polish has grabbed my attention. I paint my nails a new color almost every night. Some of the nail polishes available on the market now are truly breathtaking. I wanted to try to capture their beauty in a way that was a bit more permanent than just painting it on my fingertips. So I experimented and played around until I found a process that did just that. These are not just painted pieces of glass or acrylic! These are made by encasing the nail polish inside resin gems. Each piece is unique and I have hand polished each stone to a mirror shine. I use the highest quality nail polish available and each necklace that comes with the pendant is handmade by me, not ordered in bulk from Asia. These necklaces are truly unique and will last a long time if properly cared for."

All her pendants range from $18.00- $55.00, and you can order them HERE.  She ships in the US and International, and payment can be made using Paypal. 

I love both of my pieces and I can not thank Cara enough for allowing me to review her priceless works of art. :)

*Jewelry sent for review.

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Biba said...

They are beautiful!

Unknown said...

@Biba- Aren't they!!! It's like having a perfect manicure, year-round..LOL!!!!

Unknown said...

that blue one almost can pass off as two different necklaces! love the duo-chrome!

Unknown said...

@Manicure Addict- Me too, I wore it and I could not stop looking at it! :)

Cristina - PeeBeforePolish said...

My favourite pendant is the second one! Great polish, great jewel!

Stephanye said...

I would play with a duochrome necklace all day. So beautiful and thank you so much for the pictures.