Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I needed some GLITZ....

...and Milani delivered!

I was watching "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and Theresa, had on a glitzy black dress with steel grey shimmer, and I just had to have that same GLITZ on my nails.

So after digging thru my stash, and still not finding the black with steel grey shimmer, I opted for just the shimmer :)

Milani One Coat Glitter
"Silver Dazzle"
1 coat

In order to make sure this glitter removed easier, I layered it over one coat of Love & Beauty  "Silver"....gotta love the simple name.

Milani One Coat Glitters, truly are opaque in one coat, it's amazing! and to rid them of any "bumpies", I topped this off with 1 coat of "Gelous" and then 2 cot of Seche Vite.

"Gelous", can be found at Sally's or their affiliate stores.  It is supposed to be a base coat that delivers a smooth surface n your nail, before you color.  However we "nail heads" have discovered that this also does well as a top coat for glitters, and can deliver a smoother effect than regular top coats. :)

Yep...definitely delivered the glitz...LOL.

However I still need to find a black glitter that is similar to this, but opaque in 2 coats, know any?

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Sasha said...

Ohhh... that's really pretty!

I only have a few Milanis, but I think I need more. I picked up most of the Halloween ones they did a few years ago.

Cyn - Carpe Diem said...

Wauw its lovely!!! <3

Beauty By Crystal said...

Wow that is So BLINGY!! I must add this to my list of Milani One Coat glitters I need to get. You sure made it look great. I also LOVE Gelous for smoothing out glitters :)

Inge (PolishSis) said...

Your mani makes me smile, it's sooo pretty!

mrsrexy said...

Wowzers...glitz-y indeed!

Unknown said...

this is gorgeous i love the colour on your nails!

Unknown said...

Silver Dazzle is lovely I have it too. I was a curious if it would really be a one coat glitter, but still in two coat completely opaque that is wonderful!

I follow your blog now for a pretty long time and maybe you followed mine on Melaniesnailpolish (The Color Palette), but I moved to a new blog that fits my ideas. Maybe you would like to take a look at
Maybe I see you there :)

KarenD said...

Very blingy indeed! I wish Milani would do a few more colors of these glitters--you could get your black and I want a green. :)

Carina M said...

I love looking at glitter polish on other people. ;) I hate the removal. I have some flakies and glitter polishes that I've purchased here and I just...can't bring myself to swatch them.

I think I'm a little too moved by these swatches because I may have to get this now.