Monday, August 1, 2011

OPI "Let Them Eat Rice Cake"

A friend of my mothers, Lynne, is seriously IN LOVE with this color.  When Lynne could no longer find it in stores, she went to EBay and bought several bottles there..Smart girl!!

My mom asked if I had this color in my collection, and when I told her "No", Lynne let me borrow a bottle to swatch and blog about.  That is so sweet! Thanks Lynne!

So here ya go!

"Let Them Eat Rice Cake"
3 coats

This bottle is one of the older bottles with the older formula.  It is a very nice 'fleshy" pink creme with lavender undertones, perfect for cool toned skin.  I see now why Lynne likes this color so much, it's a perfect neutral color for the office, and when you are working with paperwork all day, you won't get "polish marks" on your papers. :)

Also when you get a little "tip-wear" or chips, it is not easily seen on the nail...Sweet!!!

Yeah, my top coat gave me bubbles...AAHHHHHHH! But I thinned it the next day once I saw the bubbles, all's well!

I was completely prepared not to like this on my hands, but once it was on, I really enjoyed having this "cleaner color" on my hands. After wearing my usual bright colors and "cracked" layers, it's nice to take it "down a notch" and out on a nice neutral!

Thanks again Lynne, for letting my borrow this shade, it's a beaut! Also, one of my co-workers saw this color on my hands, and she raced off to EBay to get it for her collection, she loved it!! :)

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Katie said...

Pretty neutral! Thanks for sharing!

Beyond Blush said...

Very pretty on you!

Unknown said...

Thank You, Katie & OPI Addict! Sometimes a neutral color is VERY necessary its a palette cleanser! :)

Tera said...

I love this one, such a pretty color and it looks fantastic on you! Let Them Eat Rice Cake was one of my first OPI colors.

polishloving said...

cute colour :)

Crystal said...

great shade! reminds me a little of steady as she rose :)

Minty said...

This is stunning on you! I really like that subtle shimmer.