Monday, November 14, 2011

Nicole by OPI: Kardashian Kollection: Swatches and Review

Yep, I finally swatched the entire kollection, and at 14 colors, I was exhausted after the 14th...LOL!

I had no sun this weekend, so I built a light box to take the pics indoors.  I used a regular desk lamp, but I am ordering an OTT light for future pics.  I have to make sure I'm prepared for winter weather, and lack of consistent sunlight :)

This kollection offers something for EVERYONE! Get ready for picture overload...

"It's All About The Glam"
3 coats

 Marshmallow white creme with snow white shimmer.  Very pretty, but after 3 coats, i still could not get it to be completely opaque.

"Kim-pletely In Love"...well, not any more!
3 coats

This is what I would call "My Little Pony" Pink..LOL! Sheer pink creme with iridescent white and light blue shimmer, very pretty, but again, not opaque after 3 coats.

"All Kendall-ed" Up
2 coats

Hot, hot bubble gum pink creme, nothing new about this color, but the formula was great, no issues.

"Wear Something Spar-Kylie"
2 coats

Pink glitter, and opaque after 2 coats, perfect! This one is a keeper!

"Sealed With A Kris"
2 coats

This is a great deep red creme, nothing unique about it, but then again it's a classic red that will never go out of style. KEEPER!

"Rainbow In The Skylie"
2 coats

Mutli-sized and shaped rainbow glitter. This polish happens to be exactly the same as OPI "Rainbow Connection", so if you didn't get it, then get this one!

"Disco Dolls"
2 coats

Nothing says "Holiday" like gold glitter :) Gold glitter with a kick, that was super easy to apply. Not only does this glitter deliver the sparkle, it also has the added bonus of multi-kolored round glitter in it as well BONUS!!!!!

"Kendall On The Katwalk"
2 coats

I was so prepared to love this and I still do, but I wanted it to be opaque in 2 coats, and can still see the "smile line" of my nail ,in this it looks like I'll be layering this beauty over one of my favorite blues! It was easy to apply, and because I love the teal and purple glitter, it's a keeper!

"Listen To Your Momager"
2 coats

 Royal blue shimmer, no matter how many polish kollections have this shade, I never get tired of it..LOL GORGEOUS!

This kolor, was missing from my PR box (someone in shipping is sporting a fabulous blue right now)..LOL, so I had my polish buddies track this kolor down for me at  Walmarts!   Thanks Chicas! ;)

Look what I discovered when I compared this brush to one of the other Kardsahian Kollection brushes....

I think OPI finally go the hint, that their old NOPI brushes were hard to deal with and adopted a more "Prowide" brush for it's NOPI line.....Nice, very nice!!!!

"Follow Me On Glitter"
2 coats

I feel like I've seen this steel grey glitter combo at least 4 times this season, but none the less, it's gorgeous, and easy to apply.  I love the added mutli-kolored glitter in green, purpler and blue :)

I never have a problem with a glitter that applies well. Even though I don't tweet, I'd "follow" this color anywhere!

"My Empire...My Rules"
2 coats

Not terribly unique, but still very pretty! Great formula, smooth and shiny, another classic taupe creme.

"Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam"
2 coats

I hate this name! LOL! But the color is great, I love how the teal is darkened but still has this brightness about it.  I don't have anything in my kollection like this one, so it stays!

"Hard Kourt Fashionista"
2 coats

I didn't think I'd like this one, since I generally do no like chocolate browns on my hands, BUT, this has red undertones and it comes off very elegant to me.  I love how easily it applied, super smooth and no bald spots!

"Kourt is Redy For A Pedi"
3 coats

And here is the one that kinda annoys me... the color is so odd, and bright! 

It wants to be red, but then it wants to be's odd, and it was a bit difficult to apply.  I needed 3 coats to cover up all the bald spots! If I wear this again, I think I will do what the name says, I'll save it for when I am "...Redy For A Pedi".. :)

These kolors are available exclusively at go a grab them now!

*Product provided by NOPI PR.

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Megan Harmeyer said...

None of these really speak to me. I don't care for the Kardashians at all, so maybe that's some of it. LOL Anyway, the green and blue glitter is pretty but I'm burned out on glitter right now!

Rainbowify Me said...

I really like the "Kendall On The Katwalk", but I'm also reading what you're saying about it...

Unknown said...

@Megan Harmeyer- I totally understand what you mean about the Kardashians and Glitter...overloaded on both!!!!:)

@Rainbowify Me- Yeah, it needs to be layered, but still very pretty! :)

fairy_ana said...

I like the collection and I think that Follow Me On Glitter will be mine :)

Refined and Polished said...

Gorgeous swatches! I just went to 2 Walmarts today looking for Disco Dolls and Khloe Had a Lam to no avail. :(