Thursday, January 26, 2012

Etsy Shop: Pretty and Polished

Chelsea of Pretty and Polished gave two of her awesome creations to show you today!

Emphasis on AWESOME!!!!

First up...

2 coats, no top coat.

Razz is a great rose colored glitter with purple and green glitter added and it is seriously unique and pretty!

Isn't this simply gorgeous! These pics are just 2 coats, but you can layer it over a similar base color that is a shimmer or cream and obtain a more saturated manicure, although I prefer it just like it is...GORGEOUS!

Next up, is a real stunner...


This is Chelsea's magical top coat, that once layered over any other color turns it into something seriously special...check it out!

I layered "Jealous" over theses colors:

Left to Right: Rimmel "Black Satin", Nicole by OPI "Too Rich For You", Orly "Out Of This World" and OPI "Alpine Snow".

Are you ready? :P

Here they are with 1 coat of "Jealous" added on top!

Awesome, right? Yeah I was amazed how great it made these already fabulous colors, especially the first 3 colors!!!!

"Jealous" over the Rimmel (black creme).

"Jealous" over the NOPI (darkened teal shimmer).

"Jealous" over the Orly (deep purple shimmer).

AWESOME, great job Chelsea!!!

Left to Right: 1 coat of "Jealous" over, Rimmel "Black Satin", Nicole by OPI "Too Rich For You", Orly "Out Of This World" and OPI "Alpine Snow".

So pretty, indoors and outdoors :)
So if you want to get your hands on "Razz" and "Jealous", simply click the link HERE, or click the link on my page to the right, to Chelsea's Etsy Shop, and you will be transported to a mecca of great colors and creative glitters!

Don't forget to use the 5% off coupon code CANDY5!!!!

I know I'll be ordering "Party On My Yacht", "Star Struck", and "Midnight Rider" !!!
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Sara said...

So pretty! I just made an order the other day from her. Now I really want Jealous too.

Laurie said...

Awesome job! Love that jealous over the Rimmel Black creme!!!!

ambern1984 said...

Nice!! I'm getting one from her sometime soon and I have no idea which one, I'm super excited!

Wickless and Polished said...

Oh these are all drooliscious!
I tagged you in a post too!