Friday, January 13, 2012

Finger Paints: Special Effects Swatches

Today I have a swatches of the entire Finger Paints Special Effects top coat.  It was very hard for me to find all 5, in fact, it was so hard,  I did not find them..LOL, a dear nail polish friend on Facebook helped me out!

Thanks a million, Marcy! Not only was she able to grab all 5 for me, at the Sally's discounted price, but she also was able to grab me a cute teal clutch, that came free with the purchase, SCORE! :):)

Here they are...

Also, I am testing out a new watermark for my pictures. There is a lovely seller on EBAY.FR that is using my pictures to sell her polishes, not cool!! So after contesting her use of my pictures, TWICE, I am forced to watermark.  Let me know what you think of the watermark placement, all suggestions are welcome :)

I decided to try my new effects over a Finger Paints color I've had for ages!

 Finger Paints " Cobalt Cardigan", a lovely marine blue creme/jelly, gorgeous with 2 coats and don't forget the slight hint of shimmer!

So pretty, but once you add 1 coat of the Special Effects, it's turns into MAGIC...


Thumb to Pinkie: Twisted, Asylum, Flecked, Motley, and Flashy!

Finger Paints "Twisted"...My favorite!

Finger Paints "Asylum"

Finger Paints "Flecked"...My 2nd favorite!

Finger Paints "Motley"

Finger Paints "Flashy"

Love it! So yes they are awesome, and yes they are dupe-ish of other "fan favorites". So far this is what I have figured out:

Flashy is similar to SH "Hidden Treasure, "Nubar "2010" and other similar flakies.
Flecked is similar to CND "Limelight" and Nails Inc "The Wyndham".
Motley is similar to Sinful "Green Ocean", except G.O. has glitter too. Also Nfu Oh 40 is very close too!
Asylum is similar to Deborah Lippmann "Edge of Glory" I've heard!
Twisted is similar to Picture Polish "Festival" and the old fan favorite L'Oreal "Crushed Opal"

When I say "similar", I use it nicely, because some of them are dead on dupes..LOL. So if you can score these FP's do it, because they are way cheaper than the others...I'm...just... sayin!

Have a great Friday and remember, Keep It Sweet!

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Melissa said...

I want and need Twisted so bad. I hope I can get one before they're gone! They're all so pretty.

Erika said...

These are beautiful over that deep blue.

I also had to start watermarking my photographs. I learned that people were "borrowing" them for their own purposes. I know that a watermark won't prevent people from snagging my photographs but I figure that with a watermark, others know that the phots isn't the property of whomever is displaying it and I at least get the credit owed me and a little free publicity for my blog. heh heh

May I offer one tiny suggestion? Type in your complete blog address. gives those who see your photos somewhere to go. :)

Unknown said...

@Melissa-- I hope you have better luck than me, everywhere I went they were sold out!

@Ice Queen- I agree, and thank you for the suggestion!! I will do exactly that :):)

Emily said...

Great post! These are really pretty, I think FingerPaints nailed this collection (no pun intended ;D)!

Rainbowify Me said...

Awesome flakies, they look so cool on you!

About stealing pictures: That's just plain annoying!! Watermarking is fine and apparently necessary, and as long as we can still see the polish/nails/stuff, then it's just fine.

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Thanks so much for swatching these on a color other than black :) !