Friday, January 6, 2012

My new favorite manicure!

Yep, the second I woke up the next morning I fell in love...No, not with any hot guy next to me *I wish*, but with the hot manicure on my hands...LOL!!!

This manicure is AMAZING! I LOVE IT!!!!

Orly "Orange Punch" and Lynnderella "Connect The Dots"

I love this manicure!!!  Lynnderella "Connect The Dots" is amazing, seriously, this makes every manicure AWESOME!!

And apparently, I'm not the only one who loves it, I checked out one of my favorite fellow nail blogger's site, "Chalkboard Nails" and she posted  Lynnderella "Connect The Dots" Tuesday, Check it out HERE.

Great minds think alike, Chica!

The Orly is a gorgeous bright orange, without being neon.  It was a bit sheer, so I had to apply 2 "thickish" coats, and then 2 coat of the "Connect The Dots" . The "Connect The Dots" applied, nicely and I did not have to "place" the glitter on my nails. :)

"Connect The Dots" has a sheer slightly glittery base, with black and white multi-shaped and multi-sized glitter. There is bar glitter, hexagon shaped glitter, round glitter and even squares!

I loved this color so much, it is on my toes too, LOVE IT!!!! Lynnderella has a great blog, where she announces her newest collection HERE

Also, you can get Lynnderella "Connect The Dots" at LLAROWE's website, HERE

Happy Friday, Keep It Sweet!

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Wing said...

Oh wow, this is gorgeous.

Tonya Kaushik said...

Oh, man! It seems like everybody's got Lynnderella's "Connect the Dots" except me! You're right, though. This is a fabulous combination. I love bright nail polishes, and this one is a stunner. =)

Anonymous said...

ahahha let's name this manicure 'hot guy sitting next to me' then. :)

looks gorgeous! :)

mrsrexy said...

Looks awesome. I'll say again that I haven't seen a mani yet with CtD I don't like!

Sarah Thompson said...

looks great, i love CTD over neons and brights!!

Lucy said...

This is so pretty!

Unknown said...

I NEED CtD!!! Best glitter everrrr!!!

Freshie said...

It's blazing hot! Loving Connect the Dots.

Dante said...

That looks pretty cool!