Thursday, January 5, 2012

A pretty little duo-chrome diddy...

Today is a pretty little color from Sinful.  I picked up this beauty from a Meijers in Indiana, while I was visiting family :)

Sinful Colors
"Night Of Barbados"
 3 coats

Yeah, you see that duo-chrome action going on in the bottle!?!..well, no worries here ladies, because that action DOES translate on the nail!!!

Gorgeous right!  This beauty did present some challenges.

It was thin, so 3 coats was necessary to achieve opacity, but layered over another similar color would deliver the same effect with less coats :)

However, because I had to apply 3 coats, I got air bubbles on some of the nails.:(

Although Sinful is carried at most local Walgreen's and other drugstores, I've never seen this color there. Only at Meijer's, did I find this beauty, so if you have a Meijer's near you...go and get it!!! You can't beat this color or $1.99. :)

You may also find it at Cherry Culture, HERE

If it weren't for the air bubbles I would have worn this manicure longer than 2 days.  I had no chips and it wore very well, but with the air bubbles had to go!!!

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Unknown said...

A gorgeous polish!!!
I love it!

Rainbowify Me said...

It's amazing that they sell that pretty nail polishes to less than $2!! :)

Samantha said...

thats a gorgeous color!

Fashion Footing said...

Very very pretty color!

ShortAndSweetNails said...


JQ said...

Oh my lovely! This is fun one that I'll have to pick up.
Happy new year!

Laurie said...

Sweet! I don't think I've ever seen this one! I'm definitely going to check it out!