Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Having fun with a new nail shape and Illamasqua!

Hello there!  I have been tossing around the idea of changing my nail shape, and a couple days ago I decided to give it the GREEN LIGHT!

Yep, I've gone ALMOND! or ALMOND-ESQUE, using Illamasqua.  I researched the best way to alter the natural nail shape and I decided to file them ONLY (instead of using clippers), using a cardboard file first, and then finishing them off with a crystal file.

I used Illamasqua "Scorn", "Speckle" and some added jewels.  Let me know what you think!

Illamasqua "Scorn" and "Speckle", 2 coats each with top coat

"Speckle" is from Illamasqua's Imperfection Collection of 2013. It came in mint green, light blue, pink and tan. I love the lilac and after 2 coats, it was perfectly opaque and what's even better is that it dries smooth.  Oh yeah, I love a smooth drying glitter.

For the accent finger, I used "Scorn".  "Scorn" is a black polish that dries with a smooth rubber finish. It's very cool, but because I wanted my manicure to last, I used my usual top coat routine to protect the nail and the added jewels. Sooo no cool rubber effect :(

 After I was done, I added a matte top coat (avoiding the jewels) to the entire nail.

Since my nails naturally curl as they get longer, I decided that maybe "almond" is the best shape for me.



The difference is subtle for now. Maybe this weekend I will take the time to narrow the tip of the nail, a bit more.  

After three days I can say that I LOVE my new almond nail shape...what do you think? :) <3 p="">
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Unknown said...

The difference IS subtle, but I think almond suits you!

Ananka said...

Yeah I like the almond shape too. Very pretty and elegant!

This is a good combo - liking the two Illamasquas :-D

Norma said...

Love the new shape, it really suits you!

nail a college drop out said...

this new nail shape looks much better on you! <3

Unknown said...

Thank You, I think the new shape is a KEEPER! :)

Tracey said...

I like the new shape!!