Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bonder and Strawberry Sandwich


I saw the post on Nails Beautiqued, where she did a post on CND Stickey and the well known "Sticky Sandwich". In the post she said that you can use Orly Bonder in place of CND Sticky....I thought "YES!, I have Bonder".

So I did the formula as she instructed. Here is what I layered:

1. 1 coat OPI Nail Envy (this is necessary since bonder has been known to yellow the nail bed)
2. 1 coat Orly Bonder
3. 1 coat China Glaze "Strawberry Fields"
4. 1 coat Orly Bonder
5. 1 coat China Glaze "Strawberry Fields"
6. 2 coast Poshe fast dry top coat ( or any top coat)

Nail Tip: I wrapped the tips of my nails in polish and Bonder to make sure I was starting off with a perfect manicure with no "free edges"......and I wore it for 7 days, here's what happened...

Day 0 (Application Day)

Day 1

Day 2

First chip, I whacked my hand against the door in my office really hard. It was a freak accident, but then again...I'm a freak!

Day 3

I baked Mexican wedding cookies and got a chip on the right thumb nail...I do not do this on a regular basis! Slight tip wear on some nails.

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Visible tip wear, but no more big chips. The big patch missing on the index finger, is actually all tip wear :)

Day 7

So after 7 days the manicure as a whole isn't too bad.

In the manicures defense, I do not usually whack my fingers on doors or bake cookies in a regular work week. I think the Bonder sandwich would really work out great for a manicure that you know you have to wear, without chips, for more than 3 days.

The manicure by the end of the 7 days was not as shiny, but nothing a new top coat couldn't fix. I would definitely do this again, for a long 4 day vacation, or a busy work week, or any vacation where I can not bring a change of polish or get them done.

I know it was a long post, thanks for "sticking" to it...ha ha ha ha..I love lame jokes!

Have you tried the "Bonder Sandwich" or "Stickey Sandwich" ?
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Unknown said...

Yay!! I'm glad it worked for you!! :) Gotta love stickey sandwich.

Susie said...

Congrats on the over 100 followers.
I've never heard of the Bonder before. Sure lasted for you.
Pretty color,

Unknown said...

@ rmcandlelight- Yes it did, thanks for the inspiration :)

@Susie- Thanks! Yes, Bonder is good (but it can yellow the nail), you can find it at Sally's or even CVS.

deltacephei said...

It looks good, I must try bonder! I find that when I use SV my manicure peels off in the shower, boo!