Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hello nail fanatics

I'm sure you know all about the fantastic invention that we call "Holographic Nail Polish"...I swear I could just kiss the man or woman that decided to put tiny light prisms on my tips!

So beautiful, so sparkly...just plain friggin awesome!

Well here is a new polish added to "my world".

Milani "Cyberspace"
A light blue holographic polish, so pretty, so necessary
3 coats, with two coats of Poshe Fast Drying Top Coat

I had to take this off after two days, because I kept staring at my hands while I was bueno :)
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Lady C. said...

Pretty and sparkly! I do that every time I have holos on. Even if it's just a holo sparkle top coat. My mind goes, "Oooooh. Glitter. Rainbow...pretty." And I just stop my car and move my hand around to catch the glitter.

rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* said...

Holo's are the best. It's lovely on you :)

Lucy said...

This is so pretty - I think I might have to have a quick look for some holos on my way into town tonight x

Jessica said...

This is beautiful! I really should pick these up, I keep passing for some reason.

Nea said...

This is gorgeous! :D

Jackie S. said...

It is a beautiful color! Thank You!

I kept passing them up as well, but now I am going to go pick up the green and purple. I think with these you HAVE to see them in the sun to really want to buy them :)

Kitty said...

Beautiful =) I almost passed this up in the store because it didn't look like much in the bottle under florescent lights, but I'm so glad I didn't!

Rebecca said...

This is great. I love all the Milani holos!

ANSTAH said...


Anonymous said...

loooooooove this on you!

Kimberly said...

I loved this soooo much I had to share it on my blog:

Vivi said...

I would cal those DISCO nails! Too cool!

deltacephei said...

I need these holo's!

Jackie S. said...

@ Kitty- You and I both, I'm running to my drugstore today!

@ Rebecca- I love them too, now :)

@ANSTAH- yes it is!

@ Scandalous- its all because of you that I'm on this holo kick!, thanks

@ Kimberly- Awesome! Share it with the world, everyone needs to know about the fantastic thing that is HOLOGRAPHIC POLISH!

@ Vivi- Oh yeah! Break out the gold shiny stretch pants and Donna Summer records, its on!

@ Deltacephei- They are beautiful, they don't carry Milani in Europe?