Saturday, May 22, 2010

I walked into a Sally's today...

...needing ONLY remover, and then I discovered I had a 15% coupon in my wallet and there was a free offer with the purchase of 2 China Glaze polishes.......and then this happened...

CG Pool Party, Towel Boy Toy and Fast Forward Top Coat.

The Sally's deal was for another Fast Dry Top Coat, but my Sally's was out of it and they decided to replace it with the China Glaze top coat. SCORE!

Flip Flop Fantasy, Sun Worshipper, and another Fast Forward Top Coat :):)

Nina Ultra Pro Tutti Frutti and a much needed sharpener that has 4 different sized holes

Oh and the remover with some thinner....and then I come home and there is freshly baked banana bread waiting (my mom loves to bake) :P:P.......yummy! :P

Also after I purchased all this .....the lovely computer at Sally's spit out another 15% off coupon..SCORE!

Has anyone tried the China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat?
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Kimberly said...

Very summer-y colors. How are you liking that ChG FF Top Coat? I got a chubby pencil at XXI today and I need a new sharpener for that size. I'll be checking Sally's out to see if this 4-N-1 sharpener will work. Mental note for me: take the chubby in to check. ;)

Banana Bread....Yummy!!!!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

You know, I've learned that Sally's is like Lays Potato can't walk in and buy just one thing. LOL I'm looking forward to seeing those fabulous picks on you and I love that remover. Its a little harsh on my cuticles but whips everything right off and smells fruity too.

Jackie S. said...

@ Kimberly- So far ChG FF TC is alright, shiny, smooth and dries nicely, I'll let you know how long it last without chips. Definitely get the sharpeneer, I'm sure the "Chubby" will fit in the largest hole.

@ Lacquer Ware- LOL, you are so right! The remover is a bit harsh, but the smell is nicer than most. I'll post pics of these colors week after next. I have some other posts that are over due :)

Emma said...

i went to sallys for the first time yesterday, and got flip flop fantasy and towel boy toy too. with my 15% off i'm going to have a hard time staying away!

susies1955 said...

What fun. I don't get to Sally's very often because it is an hour away. Hard to refuse such pretties. :)
Glad you had fun,

amusedPolish said...

it's really dangerous to just go there and only buy one thing without being tempted to buy 10 other things ^^

sometimes i really hate that there are so less coupons out here (the best deal might be -20% off on makeup but they rarely do that and even if they do, they don't announce it properly)

KrisInPhilly said...

I call that type of buying "The Coupon Made Me Do It" because who can resist using a coupon! Great haul.

deltacephei said...

Love the haul! We need a Sally's over here :o

Jackie S. said...

@ Emma- Let em know how you like Flip Flop Fantasy, I love it!

@ Susie- Wow thats far, but that just means that when you go its like a vacation :)

@Amused- That sucks about "so little" coupons, the coupons are half the reason why i go as often as I do

@Kris- I like that!

@ Delta- I agree you DO need a Sally's, everywhere needs a sally's! :)

Blueyez said...

I use the ChG FF Top Coat right now. Um... it works. Dries fast enough though I do find it tends to pull a bit at the tips and I wouldn't say it's the strongest out there. I did my nails last night and I've already got chips this morning. Whether that's my fault or the top coat? I don't know lol.
I work across the street from a Sally's, any idea how hard it is not to be in there all the time?!?!