Monday, May 3, 2010

Zoya Chopping Block: Part 5...the final verdicts!

Okay, so we have final 2 bottles, that are on the chopping block.
Meet defendants #9 Sally Hansen "Linen Creme" and #10 N.Y.C. "Cashmere Creme".

Linen Creme

This is 3 thin!

4 coats, still slight "V.N.L."...visible nail line.

This is a nice ivory creme with a slight golden shimmer, but its 4 bueno. Yeah this one is a goner, I mean really?..4 coats?! No way. I originally bought this to do a french manicure, but now I've opted for a less "muted/cloudy" more "clean lined" french manicures, so that's go on this one.


"Cashmere Creme"

Please excuse the state of the index finger, it was not happy about all the swatching :(

So this was 3 coats, nothing special a beautiful bright baby blue shimmer, but if I want a baby blue polish, I want a baby blue creme, not a shimmer. I actually mixed a little of "Zoya's "Snow White" into to this to make it more of a creme. But no dice.

My verdict is...Both gotta go, I have my sights set on some Zoya's and its time to "trim the fat"....hee hee...Keep it sweet!
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Rebecca said...

I would lose both of these as well! Although the NYC is ok.

Anonymous said...

i agree... off with their heads!

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

Linen creme is my fav!

Unknown said...

@ Rebecca and Scandalous- Yes, that's the plan :)

@NY Nial Diva- Yes, the shimmer in it is gorgeous, which is why I bought it. Hopefully Sally's can make this opaque in 2-3 coats, if they do I'm sold!

Lucy said...

I'm not loving the VNL. I like shimmer in anything so that doesn't bother me. Welcome to the blogging world. I just got your blog off of Brook. I'll be investigating more later, lol.

Unknown said...

@ Lucy, Thanks, I am happy I started a blog! I'll be posting a new swatch tomorrow...stay tuned! :)