Wednesday, July 7, 2010

2nd Zoya Haul

I will post a pic of my new Helmer and all my hauls as soon as the mailman delivers them all, but until then here are one-finger swatches from my 2nd Zoya Haul. ( I was so tired this weekend I could only do one finger.hee hee, please forgive me)

3 coats
Gorgeous orange creme.  It looks more like an apricot shade in the bottle but on the nails its a great orange creme.  Bright, but not LOUD :)

2 coats
Gorgeous duo-chrome that flashes blue, purple, green...gorgeous!

2 coats
Light purple with gold shimmer.  This one really shocked me, I like it far more than I thought on my hand.  Pastels automatically get a bad rap with me, but once they are on my hand, I like most of them.

2 coats
Gorgeous purple shimmer/sparkle.  I love "mermaid scales", no matter the color.

1 coat
Yeah you read right, one coat.  I love polishes that are one coat..PERFECT for layering.  This is a great dark, deep purple creme!

3 coats
I did 3 coats because of the slight brush strokes.  I love this gunmetal grey, it looks great on the hand.

I messed up the tip...I was in such a rush to get it on, it was so pretty!:P

2 coats

Beautiful blackened blue shimmer...LOVE this color, but of course I do its a blue...are you really shocked LOL!

Now that I have all these, you would think I would be happy...OH NO...their new fall colors are gorgeous. need them all! :)
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Enamel Girl said...

i love Jancyn & Kotori.

do you think Jancyn is a dupe for Flit A Bit? i have the OPI flutter collection but i feel like i have a bunch of dupes.

Recalcitrant Nails said...

Gotta luv Zoya hauls! All are fabulous. Congrats on your first helmer :)

Sherry said...

all pretty colour, ehhe.. I like shimmer too :D

Sherry said...

forgot tell you the giveaway

Unknown said...

@ enamel- I think they are dupes, although I do not have the lit a bit set,. If they are dupes, how crazy is that, that OPI and ZOYA have two colors a like?!...charla/catch me in your net, jancyn/flit a bit.

Unknown said...

@ Sherry- I love shimmer too! and thanks for the giveaway info.

Pretty said...

pinta looks sweet!
I think I might have to add that to my wishlist..
I'm only allowed to get thing on my wishlist.. now.. I buy to many impulse polishes.. and come home with many dupes..haha

Unknown said...

@ Pretty- My wish list has over 100 polishes on it, I'd be in trouble either way ..LOL! I feel your pain :)

nailspotting said...

I really like Jancyn! I've been looking for a bright orange for some time now and perhaps it's the one! :)

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Zara is still my first Zoya love. Haven't really worn any of the others yet. Yikes, I need to stop buying!

Jillian said...

Kotori is amazing!! I may have to pick that one up!

f u said...

pretty! very nice choices. I really like the orange.

Iris @ said...

Last week I bought my first Zoya ever, Charla. Loooved it. I really really like Zara. Your swatch looks amazing. :)

Unknown said...

@ Iris, Charla is my favorite fro this summer, but Zara is a definite #2. It really surprised me. Its good to be surprised every once in awhile :)

@ABOP- You gotta try another one, like "Raine". I tried to get it but it was sold out...drat!

Trista said...

All are gorgeous colors :)