Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Please don't spam me :(

So this will be a monthly thing, because I think its rude to "pub" your own blog in my comments, but at the same time I understand that you want to invite me to check it out, so I understand, I do, so this post is for YOU :)

If I don't follow your blog, please please please, plug it here and I will go to it...seriously.

Just please do not put a link to your blog in my comments, its like walking into someones house without knocking first....make sense??

I try to check, on a regular basis, to see if any of my followers have blogs I do not follow, but its hard to keep track :)

Cool...so plug away my friends in this comment section ONLY :) LOL:) I'd love some new blogs to follow :)

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Katt said...

this is great, thank you.


i also wanted to say that you have an awesome blog :)

Johanna (Paillette) said...

Good points!
I love your blog!

Martje said...

I`m sorry..if you give me the opertunity I will use it as well ;)

check my blog weewooweewoo!!! It`s awsome and amazing. Become my follower, friend and BFF when you visit ;)


ChellzzBellzz said...

What a lovely way of doing it!
I don't normally do this, but since the opportunity is here... ;)


Megan Harmeyer said...

Great idea!! I'm not sure if you follow my blog already (I *think* you do), but even if you do, it's nice to pick up new followers cuz I always check out links when bloggers do something like this.


nailsbybellan said...

You are so very welcome to my blog if you like :)


OnceBitten said...
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OnceBitten said...

ok - let's try this again, but with a clickable link:

YAY! I love this idea and the chance to add more blogs to MY blog roll as well!

I'm just getting started with mine, so any followers would be much appreciated :) *and I'm on twitter too...there's a link on my sidebar* :)

Once Bitten

Unknown said...

@Kari- That clickable link is awesome! How did you do that??

LadyLuck said...

Thx for this opportunity, here's my blog, i hope u like it :)


carissakuo said...

great idea!!
I just started my blog as well only a couple days ago..with no followers lol. It would be great to get some support!


attackedastoria said...

What a great idea! Thank you. If anyone checks out my blog, I hope they enjoy it. :)


Erin said...

I can imagine how frustrating it must be to have people do that! I think that this is a great, diplomatic way for you to try to persuade people to be more courteous. :)

My blog is persistentlypolished.blogspot.com. :)

And here's trying for a clickable! :D
Persistently Polished

will it work? haha!

Anonymous said...

this is cool of you, thanks :)


Sylvia said...

This is my blog: www.nailartcreations.blogspot.com :)

It's nice to check out new blogs!

Unknown said...

Wow! so many new blogs to follow, I love it! :):)

Unknown said...

@Erin- Thanks for the link and did you know I was born in Indiana :) Small world :)

Lindsay said...

http://topaznails.blogspot.com !! :)

ritterbraten said...

Wise way to get rid of spam & to check new blogs! Nice pattern for other bloggers to follow.

Welcome to my blog also :)


Unknown said...


Just started a few weeks ago any input from anyone would be appreciated. Thank you for letting me post my link!

Libbeh said...

I personally don't spam my blog link in anyone's blog comments section, unless it's a giveaway that specifically requests a blog link. I, too, think it's a bit tacky, both as a reader & blogger, to see other bloggers linking their blogs on popular blogs to get more traffic. It's just rude... and I'm glad you've made a post for blog linking because hey, I'd love to spread the word about my blog too (just not in a tacky way)! :)

Here's my blog link:
(it's clickable)

ich bin libbeh

Thanks, Jackie!

Ladyofthelaake said...

I understand how you can find it rude that people make their kind of self-adevrtisement on your blog... I noticed that some comments form allowed to link your last blog's article at the bottom of your comment, and when I did, I wondered if I had not already left the box ticked, by accident... oooops.

I'd be happy if you visited me, and why not, enter my advent giveaway, that would be so nice!! ;)