Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lippmann does it again!!!

She must be an angel, because I knew she heard my prayers when I saw this.

DeborahLippmann.com, Online sale, 20% off with any order $35 or more code name turkey20

This offer has been extended threw Wednesday December 1st, so act fast.

I know I have several colors I need to get!

1. All that jazz
2. Today was a fairy tale
3. No More Drama
 4. ....and the list goes on and on..geeze, I need help!!! :)
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1 comment:

OnceBitten said...

She heard both our prayers!

I was out looking for some glitters today and wanted something kinda like a Lippmann glitter...of course we both no there's nothing like a Lippmann glitter, so I was empty handed. BUT I came home to see a beautiful shiny beacon called a discount code ~ there was much rejoicing and spending :)