Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweeny Nails and my giveaway winner!!!!

Okay so first we have the winner to my LA Colors Metallic Set giveaway and after using, #2

was picked and that was:

#2Helen of Heli'sBeauties

Congratulations Helen, I've sent an email so please respond so I can get your pretties in the mail.

Now on to the pretty nails.

I used:
1 coat of CG-Liquid Leather on each nail, and then I followed with 1 coat each, individually, of the 3 polishes from the Awakening Halloween Collection

I think I like them over black then on their own. :) Especially Zombie Zest over black, love it!

I was going to make this my manicure for Halloween, but it wasn't spooky enough so I decided it was cute but not spooky, right?

Because my friends know I have so many colors and a slight obsession with nail polish, they always expect me to bring it BIG, so I couldn't disappoint. Here it is!

2 coats of Zoya Jancyn, topped with 1 coat of IsaDora graffiti and 1 coat of Seche Vite :)

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween :)  I figured out a great way to get the candy you want and not trick or treat with the kids.  Buy a bunch of candy that the kids like (my niece and nephew and their friends all love peanut butter cups) and then trade with them for the candy you like that they have huh!

Oh yeah, I was the hit of the night!! In fact the kids requested that I do this again next year...woo hoo, pay dirt baby!
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L said...

Cute mani and congrats to your winner.

Katrina said...

oh! i like zombie zest over the black too! & congrats to Helen!~

Heli'♥beauties said...

so pretty nails!!!
thanks very much!

I'm also having a giveaway at my blog, if have time check it out everyone

Freshie said...

Ohh I love that you used the entire collection for a skittles mani, I just buy extra candy that I like so when it's sitting around I get to munch ;) but you're plan is great too!

Biba said...

These look so much better layered over black! Great manicure :)

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone, the China Glaze's turned out better than I thought, but the crackle polish won me over as my manicure for the night :p

Mistress Zombie said...

I love your idea for getting candy from the kids that you like. I might have to try that next year... and the awakening polish does look alot better with a deep shade under it. I still wish I could get my claws on some crackle polish.

Iris @ said...

Congrats Helen :) The graffiti looks so cool btw!

Arie said...

Congrats to the winner!.
Love Zombie Zest, my fave from the awaken collection!!!