Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pink Polish Battle!!!

While I was going thru my untrieds I noticed I actually had a fair amount of pink polishes...LOL. 

I am not "In Love" with pink polish, my inner "polish whore" is ALL ABOUT blue polish, but I will admit, that I do have a some pink polishes.  My favorite pink polish is actually Orly "Basket Case", but I don't have any real favorites past that.

But I found these in my stash and they are all fairly close in color, so I figured ...Let's compare!

Boots "Pink Grapefruit" (Foreign)
Wet N' Wild "Dreamy Poppy" (US)
H & M  "Check Me Out" (Foreign)

Left to Right: Boots, Wet N' Wild, and H & M.

Base Coat, 3 coats of polish, NO TOP COAT.

Now the Boots color I'm keeping strictly because it has the name "Pink Grapefruit" ( I love ALL things grapefruit...LOL). The Boots is a deeper pink, and the H&M is lighter, but the WnW is the perfect "in between" :)

Other than that fact they are all really close in color, and are all very pretty pink cremes., I'm keeping them all except the WnW.

In fact, one of the reasons I like this comparison so much is because 2 of them are foreign brands (Boots and H&M) and therefore if you like them, then our American version (The Wet N' Wild) works perfectly as a substitute. :)

Application was great for the WnW and the H&M...the Boots color was a bit runny and that was the only reason I had to do 3 coats instead of just 2.  The H&M and the WnW were great in 2 coats. :)
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Hannah. said...

That's so strange! I literally just posted about 'Pink Grapefuit' on my blog! :) xxx

KarenD said...

Great comparison!

Anonymous said...

Wow! These 3 are so close! They look like dupes to me.

Tory said...

i love the wet and wild, ill take it if you dont want it! hahaha

Pretty said...

ooh nice dupes. yey. i like that wnw why it throw away. it is cute. i'll take it too. lol

Unknown said...

Okay, maybe I won't throw it away...LOL. It did apply the best out of all of them..LOL :)

Unknown said...

funny you posted this "im a Purple whore" but as of late my inner pink is coming out i LOVE pinks...hi im aaminahs mom im a pink whore. nice post :)