Wednesday, August 25, 2010

BB Couture- Pipebender

This polish is awesome!  This was my first BB Couture, and it delivered nicely.

BB Couture
3 coats

Next to holographic polishes, duo-chrome is my 2nd favorite polish type.  I love the flashes of different colors.  This has a dark green base that flashes bright blue and purple. Gorgeous!

I got this from a blogger sale and all I can say is..Thank You , Thank You!

I definitely needed 3 coats, but with every coat the colors intensified and became more like the bottle, perfection!

Here is a blurry side shot so you can see the flash of purple.  I am NOT disappointed in this one AT ALL!

What are some of your favorite duo-chrome colors?

Have a great day!
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Katrina said...

ooh! what a beauty! i gotta try some BB Couture soon =P

KarenD said...

This one is really nice!

Unknown said...

I love BB Couture! I think I have this one.
It looks gorgeous on you!

Unknown said...

Great color!
I tagged you on my blog

Unknown said...

Great color!
I tagged you on my blog

jbrobeck said...

gorgeous on you! awesome blog sale find! i really need more BBC's!

tasha~ said...

Very cool! I wish I knew where they sold these in Canada!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous!!! I love duochromes and now thanks to you it's going on my wishlist. tee hee!!

My favorite duochromes:

Ozotics: 504, 505, 506, 508
color club: wild and willing

Those are the only ones I can think of for now :)

amusedPolish said...

awesome-sauce :D

I didn't pay much attention to this one till now :D

Unknown said...

love this color !!

Unknown said...

Thanks everyone, I am having such a crazy day today and looking at my nails makes me happy :) Love this color!

Unknown said...

I'm you new follower. Really like your blog. Maybe you can check out mine sometime: said...

That colour is gorgeous!

Erika said...

Oooo! Stunning! Gorgeous! Looks great on you.

Unknown said...

@ Melanie and Becky- thanks for following, and I will definitely be following your blogs as well :)

@Ice Queen- Thank You

deltacephei said...

This is a great color!