Wednesday, February 8, 2012

China Glaze Electropop, Brights Collection: Swatches and Comparisons

Finally... I have been working on this post (and the next) for almost a week.  After receiving the collection I realized I had a lot of similar colors, so of course I had to do comparison photos too! :P

Because of all the photos, I had to do this collection in 2 posts, first "The Brights", then "The Lights" :)

2 coats, no top coat

A gorgeous aqua teal creme! My bottle was thick, and the 2nd coat was tricky to apply, but I managed to get it on smoothly!

I compared this to China Glaze "For Audrey".

Left to Right: "For Audrey", "Aquadelic".

Left to Right: "For Audrey", "Aquadelic", "For Audrey", "Aquadelic".

Left to Right: "For Audrey", "Aquadelic".

As you can see, they are close, but "For Audrey" is lighter.  Both are bright, and both remind us of that beloved 'Tiffany" color, but they are definitely not dupes.

"Gaga For Green"
2 coats, no top coat

Great spring grass green! This was a bit thin for me, so I applied my 2 coats on the thicker side. Overall, I am impressed with this color. I do not have many greens in my stash so this one is well received :)

I compared this to OPI "Green-wich Village"

Left to Right: "Greenwich Village", "Gaga for Green", "Greenwich Village", "Gaga for Green".

Left to Right: "Greenwich Village", "Gaga for Green".  Greenwich is a bit thinner in application, and much darker than Gaga.  I'm happy I have them both.

"Sunshine Pop"
2 coats, no top coat

Bright lemon frost! This applied nicely as well, better than most yellows. But the "frost effect" does not "wow me", so this one fell flat for me.

I do not have any other yellow frost, so I compared it to another yellow I had, China Glaze "Happy Go Lucky".

Left to Right: "Sunshine Pop", "Happy Go Lucky".

Left to Right: "Happy Go Lucky", "Sunshine Pop", "Happy Go Lucky", "Sunshine Pop".

Left to Right: "Sunshine Pop", "Happy Go Lucky".  I compared them more to show the differences rather than the similarities. Sunshine is a bright lemon frost, and happy is a lemon creme, both yellow, both bright, both perfect, but Happy makes me happier, LOL :)

"Make Some Noise"
2 coats, no top coat

I loved this color, bright coral red creme! Yum!

I had 2 colors to compare this too, China Glaze "High Hopes", and OPI's new color "Red Lights Ahead...Where?".

Left to Right: "High Hopes", "Make Some Noise", "Red Lights Ahead...Where?"

Left to Right: "High Hopes", "Make Some Noise", "Red Lights Ahead...Where?", "Make Some Noise".

Left to Right: "High Hopes", "Make Some Noise", "Red Lights Ahead...Where?". Yeah, super awesome! High Hopes, has more coral tones, Make Some Noise, has more red, and Red Lights has way more red tones.  I know my pics, make them look like possible dupes, but they are very close, but different. If you have Make Some Noise, you may not need the OPI.,and vice versa.

"Wicked Style"
2 coats, no top coat

Nice, bright, fuchsia creme! No issues or complaints with this one, not terribly unique, but still a great color for spring.

I compared it to Funky Fingers "Off With Their Heads!".

Left to Right: "Off With Their Heads", "Wicked Style", "Off With Their Heads", "Wicked Style".

Left to Right: "Off With Their Heads", "Wicked Style".

It's crazy that these are so close, but I have to say out of all my comparisons, these 2 are the closest. In real life I could see the difference, but there is no need to own both.  One will have to go...LOL!

OMG, after looking at all of these close comparison, my eyes are shot..LOL!

Here they are again, all topped with 1 coat of "Techno", the silver holographic top coat that came with the 12 piece set.

Overall this set was not terribly unique, the only reason I purchased it, was because during the spring and summer these are the kinds of colors I like to wear, so I need them in my stash...LOL! :)

My favorites, "Gaga For Green", and Make Some Noise".

Next up..."The Lights"!!
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nail a college drop out said...

I feel like aquadelic is what for audrey should have been.

Ali said...

Great post! I love comparison shots! Can't wait to see the Lights.

Jess said...
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Jess said...

great swatches! Techno looks like Revlon's Stunning.

Megan Harmeyer said...

Kinda disappointing, but I guess there really are only so many colors you can create. Thanks for the info.

jazzqueen64 said...

Wow, gorgeous colours and look great on your nails, thanks for sharing x

Unknown said...

Thank You to everyone for commenting, I read every comment and appreciate the feedback! :)

jbrobeck said...

Great comparisons! You thought of many that I had not!