Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Essence "Vampire's Love"

Today I have 2 colors from this collection.  I received them in a recent international swap as extras.  Yes, I said extras, boy was I happy to get my hooks into these babies!

Released in the Fall of 2011, these polishes made a big splash on the polish scene, not only because the colors were gorgeous, but with all of the vampire movies and shows, the title garnered much praise. :)

"Gold Old Buffy"
2 coats, no top coat

Definitely an old gold green with a lot of dark gold shimmer. I've seen the swatches of this collection and this is the standout in the collection, by far.  The formula was good, and I had no issues, applied nicely in 2 coats.

It looks similar to L'Oreal "Owl's Night" (below) ...

But "Owl's Night" is lacking the vampy quality that "Old Gold Buffy" has. Plus "Old Gold Buffy" has a darker base and the gold flakes are much larger, but both are stunning!

"Into The Dark"
2 coats, no top coat

Dusty grey blue sparkler. So pretty, seriously, very pretty! The formula was easy to apply, and almost perfect in 1 coat, but 2 was necessary to prevent bald spots :)

I'm glad I received these 2 colors in the swap, they happened to be my favorites from this collection.

Now that February is coming to an end..bring on the greens of March, baby!
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