Monday, February 13, 2012

When you can't decide on a color....

Wear them all AT ONCE!...yep that's what I did, luckily for me the colors went well together so my manicure didn't come out that crazy!

I was sure everyone in my office would say "What have you done to your nails?"...but NOPE they loved it!

I loved it too! Here is what I used:

Left to Right:
OPI "Turquoise Shatter"
China Glaze "For Audrey"
OPI "Absolutely Alice"
OPI "Fly"
OPI "Do It On 'Em"
China Glaze "Crushed Candy"

The left ad the right have the same base colors, but different crackle combinations! I didn't touch OPI "Absolutely Alice", since that is perfection all by itself  :)


Thumb to pinkie: Do It On Em, Fly with Crushed Candy, Alice, Do It On Em with Turquoise Shatter, For Audrey on the pinkie.

I did this manicure late at night, since I took forever to make up my mind, so I had some bubbles, because I rushed the drying process :( But it was still hot!


Thumb to pinkie: Do It On Em with Crushed Candy, Fly, Alice, Do It On Em, For Audrey with Turquoise Shatter on the pinkie.

I'm going to do a another "Mish-Mash" manicure like this for Valentines Day

Loving it!

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Marisa said...

This is really fun and cute!!

Unknown said...

@MariJo- Thank You :)

Jess said...

crazy cool!

KarenD said...

Hee--I like how you think!