Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diamond Candle Giveaway! CLOSED

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

I discovered the best thing not along ago...Diamond Candle!  It's an awesome soy candle company that decided to put pretty rings in every great smelling candles. Sweet!

Not all the candles contain diamond rings, but every candle has a ring valued at a minimum of $10 and can go as high as $5,000...plus you get a great smelling candle on top of it!!!

This my 2nd candle, Gingerbread Latte , from their Holiday Collection, and it smelled just like sweet coffee.YUM!  Funny thing is , I love the smell of coffee, but HATE the taste...LOL !

Yep see that gold sticker?...that tells you exactly where your ring is located IN the candle!
Now before you say, "No way", check out how pretty a $10 ring looks like!

FYI: Manicure is OPI DS "Glamour". :)

Pretty! These gems are sure to add a little extra sparkle to any manicure!

Do get the ring out this is what you have to do.. burn the candle down until you see the gold package from the top.

Then get some tweezers and go in after it...

Unwrap the foil...

Open the package and there is your pretty ring!

Every ring has a stamp on the inside, mine said "GRChina", so I am sure it's not real, but it is super pretty!

Also if you do not like your ring, or if it does not fit, you can trade it with other Diamond Candle lovers on facebook, HERE

Here is the candle you will get, it's called "Carnival candy" and it smells EXACTLY like Cotton Candy!

Each candle is just under 3lbs, and is 3.5 inches in diameter and about 6 1/2 inches tall. Nice and BIG!

US Followers only!
Giveaway End March 1st at midnight!

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