Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm back from vacay....

Vacation is always a great thing, but being back at home is even better.

If you have never been to Singapore or Bali Indonesia, I highly recommend both locations as superb vacation spots! FANTASTIC!

Instead of packing away polish remover and my usual nail tool, I opted to do gel nails with an at home kit by Nail Gel Haute Nail Polish. Actually, I used Gelish Nail Polish,  but used the Gel Haute LED light to set it all.

 Here is the kit I received from a friend. :)

Here is the manicure before the 2 week trip. I choose Gelish Polish in "Ocean Wave". (shot while sitting on the plane)

Below: Here it is after 2 weeks...

When you apply the polish, the trick is to make sure you use thin coats, this lessens the time under the lamp to make the polish cure and dry. On my right hand, I went a little thicker by accident and this is what happened to my index and thumb after 1 week.

All the other fingers were perfect, but these two lifted at the tips after 1 week. Once I peeled the tips off, everything else was fine. Next time, I'll make sure to go slower when applying the polish to my right hand.

After I took them off, my nails were strong and not damaged at all. I wouldn't do gel nail polish often, but for a 2 week trip is was great!

Here is a pic from Singapore at the Buddha Tooth Temple...

I'll show you pics from Bali tomorrow :o)

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Dante said...

That is a really nice color. LED lights? I had no idea.

Lusty For Lacquer said...

Welcome Back. You were missed. Awesome you had such a great time.

Queen of crap said...

It's awesome to see more girls trying out the DIY gels. You did a great job on it. It does take some trial and error to find what works for you though.

Kas said...

"When you apply the polish, the trick is to make sure you use thin cats".

See no one ever tells you to use cats :P