Monday, July 23, 2012

Layla Mirror Effect "Metal Chrome": Swatch

Happy Monday!

Today I have a lovely little silver foil I recently acquired from a super nice nail lover and friend who lives in Italy, Thanks Simona!

Layla Mirror Effect
"Metal Chrome"
2 coats over regular base coat

Now this polish is super tricky, and generally requires an aqua base coat to get great application. I do own an aqua base base coat, but I opted not to use it because I was being lazy and did not want to go digging for it in my drawer, LOL!

I used a regular base coat and applied my coats gently without adding too much pressure on the nail and a bit on the thick side, and I did not repeat any strokes over the wet nail as that can cause major drag. I hope that all makes sense. :)

The dry time was great for this polish, and the mirror effect is strong and looks fabulous on the nail. :):)

Given that I did not use aqua base coat I think this manicure turned out rather well. I decided to use top coat on it, to see how it reacts.  Sometimes top coat can "muck up" the mirror effect on the nail.

When I first applied it, it went on kind of cloudy and I thought the worse, but after it dried it was fine, no major issues! I did have slight drag on the pinkie nail, where some of the top coat caused the polish to come off a bit.

Overall I am super happy I had her grab this for me, and I love the strong mirror effect it delivers! Simona also has a fabulous blog at Light Your Nails, check it out!

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Simona @lightyournails said...

It truly looks amazing on you, that silver compliments your skin tone. I'm glad it found a new good home!

Unknown said...

wow, it looks amazing on you : )

Tintin said...

woot! woot! stunning mani

A Polish Addict said...

Amazing effect!

Nailmattic said...

This is fab, I love this hardcore metal look. I'd like to try the gold on mine, thanks for sharing!!

KarenD said...

Wow, that is one smooth foil!

Unknown said...

This looks great on you! I recently acquired this, along with Titanium Sky, and they are brilliant! I have heaps of ridges and bumps on my nails so it didn't nearly as smooth, but i'll try again! LOVE!

Dante said...

Chrome type nails are always my favorite. Looks great.

beachgal said...

This kind of chrome finish is what I have been looking for since China Glaze released their Millennium in 2000 and never found it. Why is this finish so very hard to find? Must be hard to formulate? I don't want a frost or shimmer in a foil (got those)...I want this shiny, smooth (like the name says -mirror) finish. But oh my...I won't ever get my hands on this brand even if there is any of it still left around.

B.Stone said...

Ugghhh why did you ahve to show me this!? I have been looking for a chrome for a while- shimmery foils don't cut it because they don't get dark enough around the edges and they look flat and chalky with my skin tone. But this.. this is perfect~... and it's from Italy. ;.;