Monday, July 16, 2012

My two favorite brands in one manicure o_O

Okay I'm back and here is a manicure I wore before I left for vacay.

2 coats of Catrice "Pool Party At Night", with an accent nail topped with 1 coat of OPI DS "Shimmer".

The plan was to cover the entire Catrice manicure with the DS, but the Catrice is such a beautiful blue creme that I did not have the heart to cover up all the nails with the DS, so I just did an accent finger.

I love Catrice polish, it is my favorite European brand.

OPI DS "Shimmer" is such a magical and diverse holographic polish. It is thin enough to be layered on top of others colors transforming any creme into a holographic goddess, or it can be worn on it's own and blind any person that lays eyes on it.  AMAZING!

Happy Monday!  Keep It Sweet!
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Tintin said...

That is fab! The Pool Party At Night is a wonderful blue color and the accent is just perfect.

Melissa said...

Beautiful blue! I really like the holo accent nail too. Looks awesome!

-Diana- said...

Wow really nice.