Friday, July 20, 2012

Kleancolor Metallic: Swatches

My prayers got out to the victims and families afflicted by the shooting in the "Dark Knight Rises" premiere in Colorado. :(

Today I have 3 colors I grabbed at a beauty supply located kind of far from my house, in the neighborhood where I go to get my burritos...I love Mexican food!!!!

No matter where I am driving, walking, or just running errands, if I see a beauty supply or nail supply I always pull over and go in, you never know what you may find. :)  In this case, the beauty supply was older, and crammed with stuff, so when I saw these beauties with lots of dust on them and for $1.99, I knew I found some beauties!!!!

Kleancolor "Metallic Aqua", "Metallic Sapphire", and "Metallic Purple". I think these are the older Metallics since the colors turned out so saturated. I know the newly released Metallics are more silver and the color is not as rich. 

"Metallic Aqua"
2 coats, no top coat

Nice bright aqua metallic foil. This was very easy to apply and GORGEOUS!!!

"Metallic Sapphire"
2 coats, no top coat

I love this color! The only color that can trump this one for me, is the "Metallic Navy" Kleancolor, if I could get my hands on that one, I know I would be equally amazed :)

"Metallic Purple"
2 coats, no top coat

My camera was doing back-flips over this color, it was so hard to capture the true color because they all have this "glowing" quality that makes the color look skewed in the sun. But it is exactly that "glow", that makes them so fabulous!

Overall all 3 applied super well, smooth and the 2nd coat did not give me drag or lumps...just foil perfection! Dry time was great as well, I find most foils dry pretty fast, and that's exactly what happened with these three, perfectly smooth and dry to the (soft) touch,  just under 5 minutes. :)

Happy Friday!  Keep it Sweet!

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Rainbowify Me said...

Nice finds indeed. I find that my Kleancolor polishes take forever to dry. How was drying time on these three? :)

KarenD said...

Those are gorgeous! Nice find!

Unknown said...

@Rainbowifey- Ooops I forgot to talk about that :) The dry time was good for me, I find that most foils dry pretty quickly and these were no exceptions.

Melissa said...

Metallic Purple is amazing! So gorgeous. It's definitely my favorite of the three.

Rainbowify Me said...

That's very cool Jackie, thanks for the answer. I'll give these a go if I find them online then :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful shades!!! I love wearing blue :D

Tintin said...

I love Kleancolor in fact I have two metallic colors from them and they are one coat wonder dries fast. Love ever y color you got. said...

Ooooh.... What do we have hear? I really like these colors. Thanks for the great post!

Kelsey said...

Let me start of by telling you that I love your blog! It's awesome and if I could only follow 3 nail blogs I would choose yours as one of the 3. Anyways, I was wondering what other places you know of that sell kleancolor. They have such pretty colors and from what I hear they're really cheap! And cheap nail polish is my favorite kind lol. Like are there any certain stores I can look for it at? I also live in southern california, but the OC part. Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

@Kelsey- Thank You Kelsey, that is a huge compliment and makes me grin from ear to ear! Ive only seen Kleancolor at 2 places, this one BS by my favorite burrito place in Inglewood and online at, they are super cheap on that site!