Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge "Jack"

Okay, so I do not purchase many RBL's ever since she stopped having her annual Half Off sale, a couple of years ago, but this color just drew me in.

I know a lot of "nail heads" were disappointed by this color, but I was giddy with happiness when I purchased it, and wore it :)

RBL "Jack ***"... yeah, I'll explain. :) Ji released this collection as a Georgia O'Keefe themed collection, but had to remove the G.O. references at the request of the museum legal counsel.

This polish was originally supposed to be called "Jack in the Pulpit", but now it is just "Jack".   Here is a link to the entire story, HERE.

Rescue Beauty Lounge
2 coats with top coat

I love this color! Teal green creme with teal and blue shimmer. I am a sucker for "hidden shimmer", the last RBL polish I purchased was "Piu Mosso", and it has the same "hidden shimmer". LOVE!!!!

RBL's wear EXTREMELY well on me, probably better than OPI, but  at $20 a piece, I do not buy too many of them anymore.

Thankfully when Ji was having her annual 50% off sale, I purchased 5 other great colors, Scrangie, Black Russian, Under the Stars, Dead Calm and 360.  :)

This beauty lasted 5 days without 1 chip, and very little tip wear. I did my usual 2 layers of top coat. Since Seche Vite shrinks RBL's on my nails, I topped this with OPI top coat to avoid shrinkage, and then Seche Vite.

Application was perfect, dried well, no pooling, no goopiness, LOL! Ji really has a great formula, and my nails love it!

Keep it Sweet!

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Lawless Lacquer said...

I love Jack! Such a pretty and unique shade!! Looks great on you :)

Unknown said...

@Lawless Lacquer- Thank You!! :)

Unknown said...

This polish is gorgeous but as you mentioned at $20 a pop I will only admire from a distance.

beachgal said...

I am always missing out on these sales - I never got any email announcement of RBL having a 50% off sale...darn it. And lucky you to have got in on it and picked up Scrangie too! This is a pretty shade. I don't have but maybe 5 RBLS because they just are too expensive for what they are IMO. I think I stopped buying them when they went from $18 to $20 each and I thought $18 was highway robbery as it was for most of their shades.

Unknown said...

@Beachgal- the 50% off sale was a longtime ago, almost 2 years ago. :(