Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2 more colors from Urban Outfitters

Here are the last color from my Urban Outfitter haul back in December 2012.

Urban Outfitter's" "Silver Holo" and "Sea Dust".

First Up...

Urban Outfitters
"Silver Holo"
2 coats, base coat, no top coat

YES! It really is this awesome in person :)  UO "Silver Holo" is a simple and STUNNING silver holographic polish. Dries fast and smooth, and this does not require a fancy or special base coat like most holographic polishes. I used a cheap base coat by LA Colors  (the blue tinted one) that I purchased at the Dollar tree for a buck!

Also, they are not dulled by top coat, so fear not! Use any of you favorite top coats and this baby will SHINE ON!

Bottle Shot

 Urban Outfitters
"Sea Dust"
3 coats, base coat, no top coat

UO "Sea Dust", is a glittery sea foam green base with aqua green larger glitter. I've read that this is a dupe for Lippmann "Mermaids Dream". I do not have the DL, so I can't compare :(...but I have THIS beauty :)

I needed 3 coats, just because this formula was a bit thinner, and I had some bald at 2 coats. It dried with just a little bit of grit, but this can easily be made smooth with 1 coat of top coat. No glitter issues here!

Bottle Shot

I definitely recommend picking up both of these at your local Urban Outfitters, and check out the rest of their selection, they have a lot of polish for sale now...Woo Hoo :)

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ABD said...

Great polishes. Thanks for showing them!

Rainbowify Me said...

ooo, they're both super pretty!! :)

Melissa said...

Gorgeous polishes! I especially love the Silver Holo.

JQ said...