Friday, February 1, 2013

OPI DS "Design" and "Signature"

Happy Friday!

Someone recently asked me about a comparison of OPI DS "Design" and one of the new CC Holo's. To my surprise, this lovely DS was in my un-trieds along with another beauty, "Signature".

Since we have such lovely sunshine here today, I decided to share them both with you, so here ya go...

I'll show the new CC Holo's next week .

OPI DS "Signature" and OPI DS "Design".

3 coats, with base coat, no top coat

The holo is definitely stronger in the bottle than on the nail.  This is a lovely pinkish mauve holographic classic. The holo delivers more with the flash of a camera, but it is still pretty in the good ole sun! :)

3 coats, with base coat, no top coat

This is like a nude holo :) 3 coats is definitely needed for opacity, or you can apply a nude polish as a base color.  The holo is strong and gorgeous in the bottle, but much more subtle and softer on the nail. A classic tan holographic polish!

Here is a comparison of Color Club "Cosmic Fate" and OPI DS "Design"

3 coats each, but the Color Club was opaque in 2 coats, the OPI DS needed 3 coats.

CC "Cosmic Fate" and OPI DS "Design".

The CC has a more peachy/copper base color, and the OPI DS is more tan/taupe.

Remember back in the day when the OPI DS Holographic polishes were THE holographic polishes to have? Well, not so much any more...these new CC Holos and the up coming China Glaze Holo's are slowly pushing the DS's out the door with their "WOW Factor"

But I still love them. They are pretty, and subtle and soft and just CLASSIC :)

Happy Friday and Keep It Sweet!

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Sarah said...

You are right, the OPI Holo's are very classic. Those new Color Clubs are something else!! lol.

ABD said...

Holos again!!! I like them but unfortunately I haven't found a holo polish in my town :-(

Dema said...

Lovely post. I agree, these CCs holos are really rockin the holo world!

The Lacquered Lady said...

I'm wearing Cosmic Fate as we speak. I put it on in the middle of the night and even in dim lighting it had a pronounced Holo effect. I was completely blown away. I took my gloves off in 20 degree weather just to see it in the sunlight. While the OPI DS polishes are lovely, CC has blown it out of the park in the linear holo category.

Unknown said...

Yep, I agree, the new CC's are AMAZING and on an entirely new holo level by themselves. Thanks for commenting :)

Helen said...

The holo effect of the Color Club is freaking amazing!!