Monday, August 23, 2010

Sweet Swap and Haul

Merry Monday!

First the great swap I did with Stephanie at Lacquer Lady

I specifically asked for the IsaDora graffiti polish in black, and generally told her what colors i liked.  Perfect match! I'm still waiting to complete her box, it will definitely go out this week! Thanks Stephanie!

She also added this super cute hand made necklace.  I admired a similar necklace on her site, and can you believe she included it in my swap!? I didn't even tell her I liked it, this was meant to be :):)

Here is the graffiti polish I immediately swatched it, over a holo I was wearing.

The pinkie is applied top to tip,.the ring finger is applied from left to right. Two different looks, one great polish! I'm gonna have fun with this one!

Now for the recent Hauls.

Dusty #1, by my job

Yep...I bought 6 of the same color..what color you ask?

A holo.... by the name of "Blue Moon Lagoon", I was so shocked to see it in the discount bin that I only bought one, because I thought for sure it was a dud...until I stepped outside, and saw the holo goodness in the sunlight!.

Then I turned my tail back into the store and bought 5 more.  I will use them for swaps, frankens and giveaways :):)

Dusty #2 in the valley

China Glaze, Rapture, Awakening, CCCourage, Sci-Fi and Blue Island Iced Tea

Orly Pixie Dust, Star of Bombay, Fantasea and Iron Butterfly

OPI- DS Glow, Wing It! and Russian Navy Suede

Zoya Raine and a Milani I picked up on the way home at CVS, from the Haute Value collection, Dress Maker.

It's supposed to be another Chanel Jade dupe, see the pretty green shimmer inside? :)

Thanks for dropping by!
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Unknown said...

What a great swap and haul!! You have been busy. lol!

Love those Isadora's. I like how you layered it....gorgeous!!! :)

Blue Moon is a beautiful polish.

Oh, I found Chg Blk bong on ebay. Yay!! :D

Unknown said...

@rmcandlelight-I've seen it on ebay too, and not for a bad price at all...get it! I'm thinking of getting another since the bottle I got is only 3/4 full :)

jaljen said...

Wow. What a lot!

amusedPolish said...

blue moon langoo? *gasp* wanna swap again? ^^

Unknown said...

@Amused, Of course. Give me a week or two. I have to send out a swap to Germany this week. I'll send you an email??

Anonymous said...

Blue Moon. Gah. SOooooooo pretty! I'm like you, I buy bottles up in gobs when I find it. Can we say *future guest on Hoarders* yep that's me

Recalcitrant Nails said...

All very nice. :)

ThRiSzHa said...

wow!! great swap... OMG!! 6 pcs of sa,e color polish... hmmm sometimes I do that specially when I love the color so much and I want my other friend to try the color... LOL
have a great monday sweety...

amusedPolish said...

no problems, I'll look if I can find any polishes from you sweet dream list in the meantime :D

Unknown said...

@ amused- make sure your list is up to date too! :)

@ scandalous- yeah, I mean they were at such a great deal, I'm a temporary hoarder I'll find homes for them, soon :)

@ Thriszha- Thanks! you too!

@ Lacquer ware- Thank You :)

@Jaljen- Yeah, I'm slowly running out of room.

Sarah B. said...

wow, lovely haul!
I'd go crazy with those blue moon lagoons as well!!

Audrey said...

Great Haul!! Isn't dusty hunting the best?? It's like a box of chocolates, you never what your going to get!! You did really well!!

Musicalhouses said...

OMG YOU HAVE THE GRAFFITI POLISHES! Can I just say how insanely jealous I am?! I guess I could do the same thing with thick black polish and a toothpick (maybe? I don't know), but it just wouldn't be the same!

On a less jealous note, I also have Orly Fantasea and Iron Butterfly and those are good picks! :D

Katrina said...

gosh! what an awesome haul! that graffiti one & the OPI ones...just awesome ;)

nailgalore said...

I love the blue moon lagoon! I want:-) Gonna get them right away if its available around here:-)

Unknown said...

@ Musicalhouses- It is pretty awesome, I think I may do another international swap so I can get the other colors! :)

@Katrina-Thank U! :)

@nailgalore- Blue moon lagoon came out in 2003, and the collection is very hard to find, that's why I was so shocked to see a basket full of this one color. If you find any, please share the pics, I'd love to see the other colors :)

deltacephei said...

Blue Moon Lagoon, AWESOME! I'm jealous. You should keep an extra one as a backup!

Great hauls and swap!