Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm having an affair...

...with "Slate of Affairs" by Barielle!

Love this color, cool calm, seductive! 
DAMN!!!! am I describing a man or a sad :P

Slate of Affairs
2 coats

I know I'm crazy, but really I love polishes that look plain or like a plain creme until the light hits it or it is in the sun! BAM!

This was a bit thin, but covered nicely in 2 time I wear it I'll do 3. 
Its a dusty blue-greyed periwinkle with a great bright blue shimmer underneath. 

It seriously glows from within!  Love it!!

This "glow" reminds me of their new color "Cashmere or Loose me" you think they meant to say "Lose" instead of "Loose" ??      

Vampy Varnish swatched it here                          

I'm in love...whoa child ...I need a drink! LMAO!
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Zara said...

What a gorgeous periwinkle!

Savannah said...

I love that blue shimmer it has in it. It definitely makes the polish. Gorgeous!

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Oh, this is pretty!

Unknown said...

What a pretty blue and it looks great on you! :D

Hey, leave those married men alone. lol!! (hint, hint you know what I'm talking sad)

Pretty said...

woooah was not expecting the shimmer when i clicked your first image.. oh my .. a lovely blue.. turned into a omg must geeeeet that one NOW!!

Unknown said...

@rmcandlelight- LMAO! No worries, married men are NOT on my radar..:):)

@ Pretty- Yes, that's exactly how I felt when I saw it...WOW!

Sarah B. said...

I love this shade of blue.
Barielle makes such lovely delicate colored polishes.

Katrina said...

no wonder youre having an affair! that is one beautiful polish!! =P

deltacephei said...

Oooh pretty!