Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holy great grey...Batman!

Today I have Barielle "Out grey-geous". 

This name reminds me of something Robin would say to Batman in the old Batman and Robin episodes on TV...am I dating myself...you know with Adam West..anyone, anyone....Bueller?......*crickets*

Here is Barielle
3 coats

Gorgeous metallic grey foil with tiny bronze/gold flecks. This went on nicely and with ever layer it got better and better.

The gold-ish flecks really set this apart from any other grey metallic foil.  I really love this polish!! Very unique!

I'm noticing Barielle is very unique with their colors, they delivery subtle uniqueness, just light variations and WHAM! POW! BOOM! ....Something catches your eye and makes you go...HHMMMM!

What's your favorite grey...that goes WHAM...BAM and POW!!??  :)
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KarenD said...

Very pretty! Reminds me a bit of SH Opulent Cloud.

Anh Nguyen said...

I like Barielle.
Has a nice shimmer to it.
Hmm...I'm nmot the biggest fan of greys since I only have two.
But the ones I have are:

Barry M's grey.
And Miss Sporty grey.


Jackie S. said...

@ Karen D- I still have not tried my bottle of Opulent Cloud *hangs head in shame*, but I can see what you mean. :)

I wish my pics picked up the bronze flecks more..oh well!

LaLadyBunny said...

Pure Love ;) Really great, i love wearing silvers in all variations.

Shiny! said...

Hmm favo grey that does all that? Does OMG count as grey? :P
Nice color!

Nea said...

That's so nice! Lovely color <3

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

Jackie S. said...

@ LaLadyBunny- Me too :P

@Shiny!- Yes OMG counts, I wish I had it!!

@ Nea- Thank U :)

Enamel Girl said...

oooo, i love that name (out-grey geous) and the color.

i only own a couple of greys. i think my favorite one is by pure ice.

Mighty Lambchop said...

Love it! The shimmer is amazing.
I can always appreciate a good Batman reference too. ;)

Anonymous said...

rofl *bueller* *crickets* gahahahahahahahahahaha *dies*