Monday, August 9, 2010

A great swap and a good friend:)

I had a busy weekend, so I will have some nail swatches for you tomorrow, today is a swap I did with an international blogger Suzanne and a gift I received from an old friend from High school :)

First up my swap with Suzanne

Essence "my little orchid", "back to paradise" and "metal babe", Catrice poison me, poison you" and "Clayton my hero", P2 "rebel" and "elegant"

GOSH "purple heart" and "holographic", L.A.Girls "Punk", "Overdose" and "groupie" and an OPI Mini "OPI Ink" :)

Konad eye treatment, eyeshadow samples, glitter-stones add-ons and Face Cream! Thanks Suzanne, I hope you are enjoying the pretties i sent you :):)

Then I went to visit an old High School, friend Viv and her family.  Funny thing is she married a guy who was in my 5th grade class, such a small world.  They have a beautiful son and it was such a joy to see them after so many years. :)

She visits my blog and she knows about my growing love of polish so she bought me some...soooo sweet!

Essie "Blueberry Crumb", "CG- Coconut Kisses", Zoya "Pasha", Chanel "Metallic Vamp", OPI "OPI Ink" and OPI "Yoga-ta get this blue". All on my list, Thank You!!!!

The Chanel was out of her own collection, and I am so honored she gave it to me. Thanks Viv!!! *muah*

Oh and I saw the new OPI Goth Halloween colors at my nearby beauty supply, but I didn't feel like paying $13 for 4 mini bottles, somehow that just irks me...I need to see if ULTA has the mini cheaper
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Orlica said...

It's a great friend!
My best friend is now in GB, and she told me she have a few polishes bought for me - I love her ^^

deltacephei said...

I do love the pretties you send me! <3

Unknown said...

@deltacephei- :)

chocaddict said...

Fabulous swap and fantastic presents!!
I just "re-discovered" groupie from my stash of untrieds and I bet you'll love it, it's gorgeous :)

L said...

My goodness that is a great haul you got there. Cant wait to see your swatches.

Zara said...

Great swap! I can't wait to see all the swatches.

Unknown said...

@ Everyone- Thank U! My nubbins are still growing out, but the swatches should be coming in a couple weeks :)

Anonymous said...

omfg at that essie! squee! swatch it nao lol

Stephanie said...

Blueberry Crumb is really, really pretty but I heard it's supposed to take like five coats or something stupid like that.

Katrina said...

awesome swap & awesome friend! :) cant wait for swatches!