Friday, November 5, 2010

DT Sally Hansen Nail Prisms

I flew to my local Dollar Tree when I heard the news that they had Nail Prisms, who wouldn't ??

For 2 weeks I cased out my 3 favorite/only DT's and hit Nail Prisms Pay Dirt!

First up, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms "Golden Cinnabar"
2 coats

Beautiful warm golden brown with flashes of pink and yellow gold. Applied nicely, opaque in 2 coats, no complaints. 

I didn't think I would like this color when I saw it in the store or when I saw it on other bloggers sites, but I love it on my hands. The rose color really comes out nicely! :)

But in in-direct light the gold comes out....its so pretty in person.

Love it!

Next up are the other two colors which are too thin for my taste!

Cinnabar Opal, 3 coats

Lavender, 3 coats

The flashes of colors are outstanding on both these polishes, but they are entirely too thin for my taste.  I may try layering them over a nude or other colors, before I stick them in the swap bin :)

What do you think? Happy Friday! :);)
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L said...

they're all pretty!

Susie said...

Real nice but I wish you hadn't told me about them being at the dollar store. :) I'm trying SO hard not to buy anymore. I have WAY too many.

Unknown said...

very pretty and I would layer the thin ones with an opaque one to match :)

Megan Harmeyer said...

I picked up Cinnabar Opal yesterday, but I have my eyes peeled for Golden Cinnabar. Sooo pretty!!!

amusedPolish said...

i bet some of these look awesome layered ;)

Arie said...

Golden cinnabar is also my fave ^_^.
So gorgeous!

Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

They are a bit thin.

I found Ruby Diamond and Purple Diamond at my Dollar Tree, I cannot wait to use them. Purple Diamond is sort of like Milani Hi Res which is gorgeous. It was in like every two pack at DT crazy there are so many left overs on this beauty!

AnnKiins'♥ said...

Golden Cinnabar is probably the best one out of the bunch. The gold is simply gorgeous! :O
The other two are probably more of layering polishes c:

Unknown said...

@Gina- I have not found any of the "diamond's"...bummed :( Are you swatching them soon?

Shadow said...

I love cinnabar! I managed to pick up Diamond and 2 purple diamond. I went back today to see if they had anymore and they was no trace of them ever being there.

Gwen - SpaceLifeThoughts said...

Gorgeous!! :D

ABOP Laquerlove said...

That first one is gorgeous! I was able to snag a Pink Rose Diamond one from a DT a few weeks ago - the only one in sight! I do stay away from the Opals because I have a few from way back when and can't seem to make them look good - layered or otherwise.

Unknown said...

I think the lavender opal would look great layered over a grey or purple grey creme. (if you try this please post)

Donna said...

I would try them over black. I have a feeling they would do strange things, like how you never know what Hidden Treasure will do over a color until you try it.

Kalee said...

lavender would look good layered over black, or if you feel like experimenting, try adding black into the bottle and see what happens. lol

Donna said...

Keep going back to your Dollar Tree, or try others nearby. My Dollar Tree restocked three times already, and each time there are different polishes.

I got lavender sky and lavender this last time. I really wanted the bottle color so I layered lavender sky over white. It was a horrible streaky mess and since I had 2 layers of white and finally 4 layers of lavender sky, it wouldn't dry and I got dings and wrinkles galore. I finally gave up and just removed it.

But now I have a gorgeous Lacquer Shine (in Dazzling) on my nails! That is what my Dollar Tree has in stock now and the Opals. If you find Red Opal get it and layer it over Black or another really dark color for a super great shocking surprise. Hint: the red is a lie.