Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Swarovski earrings !!

So I have another jewelry post for you.  :)

Whenever I read my magazines and see something I like, want to make, or purchase, I flag the page with a post it.  Then I keep the magazine, and photo copy or rip out the page before I throw it away.  Sometimes I save these clippings in file folders for months or years until I actually remember to make them...then the hunt begins! :):)

These earrings I saw in my InStyle magazine and marked the page, went back, ripped the page out, and looked up the earrings and the designer online.

These are very simple, 35 cts. Swarovski crystals, wire wrapped in solid 14kt gold on gold hooks.

I found the designer online and emailed them to get the exact measurements of the stones, to make sure I knew exactly the size stone to look for.

The stones are 2 3/4" long and approx/ 1/2" wide at the widest point of the oblong.

I usually wear silver, so I decided to make mine out of sterling silver instead.  I ordered my stones online, because I really like the topaz color (topaz is my birth stone)  and the sterling silver wire and ear hooks, well, I already had that so this was going to be easy.

This was the easiest pair of earrings I ever made, just wrap the stone in wire on the top (starting with a loop) then continue down and back up, cut it and that was it.....

I opted for a crystal that was not topaz colored but more champagne colored, a shade lighter than the version in the magazine...the lighter shade sparkled better in the light. :)

Look how it sparkles!

So you want to know my total...I hope your sitting down. :)

The stones were $3.90 each x 2 = $7.80
The wire used was $5.00 each x 2 = $10.00
The silver ear hooks 50 cent each x 2 = $1.00

The whole project took maybe 15 minutes and that was it. $18.80, under $20.00 bucks, need I say more?

Now if I made this in gold (exactly like the magazine) then the price would approx. be double for the wire and the ear hooks, so average $29.80 for the gold version...a long cry from $375.00. (this price is based off of gold prices at the time I made the earrings...several years ago)

Just another reason why I make jewelry instead of buying it, when I can.  I get all my inspiration from magazines, celebrity photos of jewelry they wear, and catalogs... and when I can make it for less...honey please...I love a challenge. :):)

Have a great day! :):)
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L said...


Unknown said...

@L- Thank U :)

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

So impressed! Those are really pretty, even more so in your photos than the magazine pic. Maybe it's my own preference for Silver.
Is the difference between gold and silver wire only 100%? I'd think gold would be at least 200% more, but then I don't make jewelry. I'm surprised it's that inexpensive though!
I'm always amazed at the price of Jewelry and even more amazed when people like you can find the stuff to make their own.
So Pretty!

Unknown said...

Clever, Clever, Clever!!! That's the way to do it!! Just awesome! What a cheap way for HE Jewelry. I love these post :) Keep'um coming !

Unknown said...

@Elizabeth- Thanks You :) Jewelry mark-up is CRAZY...I mean its really nuts!! LOL. At the time I made the earrings gold was down, I think its back up now, but even if its at 200% it's still no way close to $375.

@rmcandlelight- Thanks :)

Trista said...

WOW! Very pretty. I really like that you did them in silver instead of gold. And for under $20 amazing.

amusedPolish said...

wow, I love the silver version even more than the gold one (am loving silver more than gold too ;) )

Megan Harmeyer said...

Holy crap! I like your version better anyway. The stone is prettier because it's not all one color and I'm more partial to silver than gold anyway. Very nice!

Unknown said...

Thank You everyone! I may have to make another pair and use them in a giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! AND homemade!

Arie said...

So cool, I need them ^_^.

Martje said...

wow! these ar gorgeous, very impressive ;) I love it when people create their own duplicates like this.

Libbeh said...

Lovely! Looks like almost an exact dupe! This inspires me to be arts & crafty again! :)

Unknown said...

@libbeh- Being crafty is great, especially around the holidays and gift giving time :)

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Wow, those are gorgeous!

GerryBerry said...

wow that is fabulous! A nail polish lover AND a beader/jewelry maker? ♥ I'm impressed. You're making me want to go back to making jewelry again :)