Friday, January 14, 2011

Catrice: Bloody Mary To Go

It's FRIDAY...Woo Hoo ...I had to pick a new 4th winner for my Kahava giveaway, so I used again and it choose #32
Woo Hoo Chica, I sent an email so send me your address and I will make sure Kahava gets it to ship off your goodie :)...Now back to the nails..hee hee!

I've said it once, and I'll say it again...I LOVE CATRICE!

Here it is
Catrice "Bloody Mary To Go"
3 coats

Love the name.  This red is a hybrid jelly/cream...I love it!  The first coat was pretty thin but it built up nicely...3 coats was needed for bottle opacity.

Glassy red, love, love it!

Mmmmm pretty...see I do love other colors, other than blue...LOL...although blue is the bomb!!! :):)

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Une Ruxi à Paris said...

Where can I buy these polishes?

Unknown said...

@Une- These are a European brand carried in most European drug stores. I've gotten mine thru swaps with other bloggers and thru swaps on MUA.

Anonymous said...

lalalalove the name of this one!

liquoredonlacquer said...

I would love to try Catrice sometime! Every color ive seen looks amazing!

Unknown said...

@scandalous- I love all their names, so cute and catchy!

@liquoredonlacquer- I can't believe we don't have it here in the states yet? Darn it! This polish will keep me swapping, forever!

Une Ruxi à Paris said...

ok. thanx for the info

nailsbybellan said...

Love this!! I'm a bit bummed you can't get hold of Catrice in Sweden :(

HauteWaRdRobe said...

faboulousssssssssss xxx

ABOP Laquerlove said...

Oooh, gorgeous!

Ali'sNailNews said...

LOVE this! I'm a sucker for reds. The name is cute too. :-)

I tagged you for an award. :-)

Katt said...

Hello, I tagged you with the Stylish Blogger Award :)

Greg said...

I think that when weighing the merits of hangover cures, one must also consider pleasure. A "medicine," which tastes awful is less likely to be taken. My vote goes to the Bloody Mary.