Monday, January 24, 2011

OPI: Katy Perry - Part 1

Last week I was lucky enough to grab the Katy Perry OPI Collection at my local JC Penney Salon, so today I have 2 from the collection.

I present the glitters..shattered!  I was super excited about these two, because I had seen pictures of them under the Black Shatter polish, but one seriously disappointed me, the other surprised me.

OPI" Last Friday Night"

On the index and middle finger, I have 2 coats and on the ring finger and the pinkie I have 3 coats.

I wanted to love this, but the sheerness disappoints me..seriously :(  The application was like most glitters in a jelly base, a bit thick, but no real application issues.

The 2 coaters dried nicely, but the 3 coaters, took forever to dry, so then I decided to top them all with OPI's Black Shatter topcoat.

On this one I have one coat of Black Shatter with a clear top coat only on the index finger and the ring finger, so you can see how it looks with and without a top coat. The crackle look isn't new to me, I have several bottles of European brands that I've received from swaps, and I like the concept alot.

With the "Black Shatter" I felt this was much better, but I still have issues.  The Black Shatter is awesome, the OPI prowide brush makes all the difference in applying crackle colors.  It allows you to apply them in one (almost one) thick clean coat.  Because crackle colors dry so fast, fast application is VERY NECESSARY!

The shatter looks great on the 3 coater, but it seriously is thick on my nail.  The 2 coater feels better (not as thick), but you can still see the visible nail line, so this isn't working with me, which makes me sad, because I love blues and I was hoping this would work :(

I'll have to play with this one to make it work, because the glitter polish has serious bling!


OPI "Teenage Dream"
2 coats

It's pink...and I loved it?...I'm shocked..I must be caught in some kind of "Bizarro World"...LOL.  2 coats and this was perfect.  This covered my nail line enough that I had no issues with it at all.  This is what I wanted the blue one to be. :)

And the bling did NOT disappoint, so when I added Black Shatter and a top coat.... BAM!

Here I applied a top coat on the Index and Ring finger, so you can see the difference. 

Black Shatter dries to a texture very much like rubber, not quite matte and not shiny.

So here is my verdict, I LOVE "Teenage Dream", and I am so-so about "Last Friday Night"
What do you think of them?
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Martje said...

I`m sorry sweety...but I like the blue in 2 coats on your nails quite a lot!! 3 might overdue specially when you wanna add Shatter..but 2 looks perfect!! :)

Johanna (Paillette) said...

I love the collection, sans shatter top coat!

liquoredonlacquer said...

I wasnt too impressed with Last friday night either. Your manis look great though! :)

Anonymous said...

But I like that blue on your picture and don´t mind its sheerness :)

Rory said...

Thanks so much for this post! I read it right before I headed out on my lunch break...and guess what I found? One lonesome bottle of Black Shatter in the Katy Perry display and one sad little bottle of Last Friday Night...I wanted to grab Last Friday Night, but didn't since it seems only mediocre. (Too bad I couldn't find Teenage Dream, but the collection was available in NYC on Saturday and was sold out pretty much by today when I headed back into the city. Oh well, I'm happy with what I have!)

Unknown said...

i need them :)

cathryn said...

i think its no coincidence that the 5th addition to these collection was one that was meant to cover them up. sooooo many amazing options couldve been done with this line and i feel it fell flat!

cali gurls couldve been a summery orange, peacock couldve been a duochrome green.. firework- imagine what they couldve done!

i do like teenage dream the best out of all of them though but still am ultimately not enthused )=

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing swatches for this collection. I been excited about this collection especially about the shatter top coat.

Unknown said...

@cathryn- I agree, so much more could ahve been done..oh well :)

@Everyone- Thank you for your comments, I'll give the blue another try, hopefully it won't disappoint, besides IT IS a blue after all..LOL :)

Carina M said...

I was disappointed by the glitters myself. I did 2 coats and I seriously thought it needed a 3rd, but you're right - it got super thick. When I put the shatter on, it was like wearing custard on my nails. It was super heavy and thick.

For me, the Katy Perry and Serena Williams OPI colors are the swan song for my OPI relationship. Hubby thinks I'm being dramatic about me not showing OPI on my blog anymore ever since they were purchased by Coty. I told him that I was no longer featuring OPI but I'm also no longer *buying* OPI. He couldn't believe it...

Oh well. That's more $$$ for other polish brands! :D