Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OPI: Katy Perry - Part 2

Hello lovelies-
I'm back with the other 2 colors in the OPI Katy Perry Collection, and they did not disappoint. First up...

OPI "Not Like The Movies"
3 coats

I love this color, but I can not get my camera and this color to play nice with each other.  So here is the bottle pic.

The flashes of purple and green against the grey background is awesome.  It sparkles like you wouldn't believe, this one makes me happy, and I don't think the Black Shatter helps this one at all, but here is a pic. anyway :)

No topcoat, I think the the shininess of  N.L.T.M. against the black rubber texture of Black Shatter is pretty cool. I didn't add a top coat, but a top coat would still look great on this manicure.  I still prefer "Not Like The Movies" on its own :)


OPI "The One That Got Away"
2 coats

This one is so pretty, gorgeous bright fuchsia and it sparkles like a "Katy Perry" polish should sparkle!..it's like a "foil" meets a "shimmer"...Gorgeous! :)

No complaints on the formula either, applied like a dream, and dried nicely

Here it is again with Black Shatter on top.  Here I added a top coat to the index and middle fingers only, so you can see the difference.  I like this one with the top coat...love it! The drastic contrast between the deep black shatter to the bright shiny fuchsia...gorgeous!

My favorite way to use Crackle colors, is to wear the color first and after 2 days when it is chipping,getting dull or boring, top it with a crackle color and a top coat and you can get 2 more days of a new manicure :)

So which one of the OPI Katy Perry line is your favorite?
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Diava said...

lovely nails :D I so love the Katy Perry Collection!! Really like how The One That Got Away looks with the crackle top coat :D


nail crazy said...

i must have black shatter!!!

liquoredonlacquer said...

I love the katy perry collection - I just got the mini size but i need a full size of The one that got away its my favorite! ♥

Dainty Darling Digits said...

I think you captured the one that got away better than anyone else. I couldn't for the life of me do it justice!

Rory said...

I wear crackles (ok I've only had Black Shatter for 24 hrs) the same way! It really extended my manicure, which was a blessing because I didn't want to re-do it last night. I also really like Not Like the Movies...I'll have to hunt it down!

Carina M said...

I felt NLTM was Nubar's Indigo Illusion. I'm going to have to swatch them side by side for comparison now.

I only did 2 coats of NLTM and I thought it was pretty, but nothing for me to truly swoon over. Love how TOTGA looks on you! Very pretty.

Unknown said...

@CarinaM- Please do and let me know, I'd love to know if they are close, so i cam take Indigo Illusion off my want list :)

@VarnishVixen- Not Like the movies is one of my favorites :)

@Dainty- Wow! That's a serious compliment, thank You :)

@liquor- I agree, hunt for he large bottle :)

@nailcrazy- Hunt for chica!

@Diava- I agree, its gorgeous!

Lucy said...

Not Like The Movies is definitely the one for me... but I'm not so sure about the shatter effect...

AllThingsNails! said...

Remember, the crackles we picked up at the NailExpo? I RAOK'd those to one of my friends. She absolutely ♥'s them... I really wish I could get into this look but I can't.

(Great for my pocketbook - lol)