Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Layered Lippmann

Today I have  a layered look I did with one of my newest Lippmann polishes.

1 coat of China Glaze "Sci-Fi" and 2 coats of Lippmann's "Today was a Fairytale"

These 2 colors go perfectly together!

Sci-Fi has a perfect smooth metallic finish that leans a little purple and T.W.A.F. has a purple tinted base with silver glitter.  A perfect match! :)

Sci-Fi is opaque in one smooth coat and the Lippmann gave me the bling I was looking for!

My manicure even matched the new ring, I got from Valentine Kisses.  They have great novelty rings, they are so much fun!

It shakes and moves and sparkles in the light :)

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OnceBitten said...

ooh! I really love this look ~ I'll have to try this :)

Unknown said...

I can't get Lippman right now :( really wish I could but I found a couple of sally girls that are silver, gold, and pink that will have to do for now...big glitter with small glitter...I did something similar with my silver glitter and a silver polish I have after Christmas I really love this look!

Maria said...

very pretty!

shortwidenails said...

Ineeed to get a lippmann!!! I was going to get one from apothica but they only have happy birthday for hex polishes. i wanted bad romance or across the universe =(

Unknown said...

@Once Bitten- Its a great way to bling out any silver polish!

@Patricia- Using the sally girls is a great idea!:)

@Maryya- Thank You.

@shortwidenails- Happy Birthday and Bad Romance are on my hit list! :)

Biba said...

These two really are a perfect match! :D

colorfulbottle said...

This combination is really pretty, I'm sure it is super blingastic and eye catching =)

Unknown said...

Very pretty! Haven't used it yet I guess it's better to layer it :)

Cute ring!

Unknown said...

@Biba- I know, a match made in heaven! :)

@colorfulbottle- It shines whether you have sun or not :)

@rmcandlelight- It is best to layer it, you would have to do like 4 oats to get opacity, and then the glitter shape would get lost in all the bling. :)