Monday, October 3, 2011

Comparison: Lippmann "Ruby Red Slippers" vs. Wet n Wild "Behind Closed Doors"

While I'm busy putting the finishing touches on my Halloween giveaway, you can enjoy some fun colors and comparisons this week.

Yep, I have another dupe of a much loved Deborah Lippmann color for ya today.   Wet n Wild "Behind Closed Doors", from the On The Prowl Collection, may kill a lemming for any of you who love the Lippmann color "Ruby Red Slippers". :)

Left to Right: Wet N Wild "Behind Closed Doors", Deborah Lippmann "Ruby Red Slippers"

First I want to who you the glitter topper, without a black base.

Left to Right: WnW, DL, WnW, DL (2 coats)

Left to Right: WnW, DL (2 coats)

The WnW seems to have a more more sheer base than  the DL,  but when it comes to the glitter, I think they are a dead dupe of one another!!!!!

So let's take a look at them with a black base color.  I used Rimmel "Black Satin", 1 coat.

Left to Right: WnW, DL, WnW, DL (2 coats), over 1 coat of black.

 Left to Right: WnW, DL (2 coats), over 1 coat of black.

Mmmmmmmmm :)
Left to Right: WnW, DL, WnW, DL (2 coats), over 1 coat of black.

Left to Right: WnW, DL (2 coats), over 1 coat of black.

Seriously, this is a great dupe, and since WnW is at the great low price of $1.99 versus the DL at $'s worth it to go and hunt down the WnW version!

Left to Right: WnW, DL, WnW (2 coats), over 1 coat of black.
Happy Monday!

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Allie W said...

Ooh wow. I super want the WnW now!

Rainbowify Me said...

I think they both look cool! I wish the Wet N Wild collection was available in my area. :/

Fashion Footing said...

This is a hard polish to find! I've been stalking it and no luck yet!

Unknown said...

@Lush Lacquer- Yep, definitely worth the money.

@Fashion Footing- send me an email :)

Johanna (Paillette) said...

These are so elusive that it might be easier to find the darn Lippmann!

Unknown said...

really similar!
Thanks for the comparison!

Desiree said...

I have been lemming for this WnW since I first saw it.. I can't find it ANYWHERE... :( you're lucky!

Perles & Paillettes said...

Wow, they are perfect dupes ! Luckily I have the DL, because the WnW isn't available in Belgium :)

ChiChi said...

I've been waiting to find behind closed doors - I'm so anxious to have it! Haven't saw it anywhere.