Monday, October 10, 2011

Maybelline "Cool Couture"

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I am soooooo sorry!

I hear some chatter on MUA about this color, and headed to my local Rite-Aid to check it out.

It's a cool toned grey creme with aqua "hidden" micro-shimmer. Gorgeous!!

"Cool Couture"
2 coats

I love polishes that have hidden shimmer. Basically "hidden shimmer" is when the shimmer is not visible in low light or in the shade/indoors, but underneath brighter light or the sun it shines for all to see :) Thsi is my favorite kind of "shimmer".

Unfortunately, the formula is not he greatest. The first coat is terribly sheer and splotchy, and although the 2ndcoat covers better, it still has a tendency to leave some bald spots :(

I only did 2 coats, but I really should have done 3 coats. But no worries, because what it lacks in "formula" it makes up for with SHIMMER!!!!

When you look closely, you can even see tat there is also lilac shimmer as well...awesome!!!!

  This is really a great color for fall.  It's Limited Edition, so run out and find it now. :)

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Trista said...

I think this is the right box. It's hard to tell on my iPhone lol

Unknown said...

Beautiful color really like it!

ptitemeve said...

GFC: PtiteMeve

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GFC: AAPalmer

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If we already filled out the form, should we fill it out again? Thanks!

Unknown said...

@AmandaDF- Only if you left out your email, the first time . Thanks :)

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

lovely blue, green, grey color!

kavitha said...

GFC: kavitha


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