Friday, October 7, 2011

My lemming dreams come true...

Yep, my favorite nail polish "event" is when I finally get a color that have been lemming for a LONG LONG TIME! :)

In a recent swap on MUA, I received MAC "Ming Blue", and I am soo happy I got it!

"Ming Blue"
2 coats

I love this blue, It's like a cross between a medium blue and robin egg blue creme with bright aqua shimmer. LOVE!!!!..and if you look real close you can see there is smaller purple shimmer in the formula as well :)

Now, I have a message for MAC....Your brushes SUCK! :) It's like painting a pretty little picture.....with a life sized wet mop...just plain sucks!!!!

I had no real problems with the formula, it was a bit thick, but still very manageable. Nice and opaque in 2 coats.

Stay tuned....I'll be posting my Monster Halloween Giveaway today. 

It's funny, you would think that compiling the colors and deciding on what to giveaway is the hard part, but writing and coding the post...just plain sucks! LOL! 

But I love my readers and commenter's, so it's worth it! :)

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Erika said...

That colour is stunning. Too bad about the brush... MAC has the resources to do better. Bad brushes make me crazy. lol

Unknown said...

This color is lovely! I'm so into blues!!! MAC should make better brushes def. Especially since they charge so much for them! :)

Angela said...

blue /drool !!!!!!

Normal Girl Nails said...

I'm so jealous! Ming Blue is a HUGE lemming of mine! I wanted that entire collection when it came out, but for some reason I flaked... and now I'm totally regretting it! Picking it up piece by piece has actually turned out to be quite difficult! Ming Blue is beautiful - congrats on fulfilling the lemming! :D

Johanna (Paillette) said...


Toyomi said...

This is a gorgeous color on you !

NY*NAIL*DIVA said...

yo!u are a true blue lover