Wednesday, October 5, 2011

L'Oreal "Owls Night"

When I first heard the buzz about this color, I didn't give it a second thought saying, "Okay...yeah...It sounds pretty".

Then I saw a pic, and I said "I need to find this", and then to make matters worse I saw on Once Bitten that it is a "near dupe" for Sally Hansen "Sequin Scandal"... (a color I seriously wanted). :P

So without any further delay...Owl's Night!

L'Oreal "Owl's Night"
2 coats

I love this color.  "Owl's Night" can best be described as a blackened espresso base with antique gold flecks (more gold than Sequin Scandal). Awesome!

Application was a bit tricky and it kept trying to pool into my cuticle area on the first coat.  the 2nd coat was " a cake walk", super easy and it layered nicely!

This color is part of the L'Oreal "Project Runway" Collection and can be found at drugstores, grocery stores and even some Bed Bath and Beyond stores. :)

I didn't care for the other colors, so I only purchased this bottle :)

Isn't this color perfect for fall?

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Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

I love this polish! It's my fave so far this season

Pretty said...

wow from the bottle i so would not have bought that.. but now i neeed it. lol arg you nail bloggers making my wallet go empty.. haha

Selene and Theia said...

I like this color!!

Unknown said...

I have both but only swatched on paper. Owl's night has more gold in it.

Unknown said...

@BlushinNoir- Me too!

@pretty- I know what you mean my wallet has been suffering too!

@selene and Theia- Thanks :)

@rmcandlelight- Yep, close enough for me :)

Jamie said...

I think I need this color! :)

nicelyvarnished said...

Owls night is so gorgeous..why must it be htf :(

Meeka said...

I saw the PR display today and had to take a peek at what polishes they had, this one was on the very bottom shelf and was the only one I thought was worth looking at. It obviously came home with me and I'm wearing it now :)
I was thinking after applying it that it was similar to Sequin Scandal and while it may not be a dupe I'm with you, it's close enough for me :)